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On the far fringes of Federation space a desolate, barren group of sectors continues its distant and unending orbit of the galactic core. Devoid of all but floating rock, gaseous clouds and rogue planetoids, it remains a region traversed by only the foolish, curious, or those with something to hide. Dormant for years since the Dominion war, a listening post floats listlessly deep within asteroid field 1-SZ. Its empty corridors are as cold and lifeless as the frozen, unforgiving vacuum it inhabits. Abandoned but not forgotten, its automated long range sensors sweep an area not far from the Breen border, keeping a vigilant eye on the activities of the reclusive Confederacy.

For decades, relay stations that snaked across the Alpha Quadrant transmitted nothing out of the ordinary. Quasar radio blasts, ion storms blowing through, neutron stars blasting radiation like lighthouse beams across murky seas of nothing all failed to even register as pertinent; too routine even for Starfleet’s exploratory mandate. That was until stardate 76228.7, 0600 hours, galactic central time. A single warp signature triggered an alert warning within Starbase 232’s Strategic Operations Centre. Then there was another, then another.

Exactly what the Breen’s motivations are for encroaching upon this seemingly irrelevant pocket of space remain unclear. Beyond Izar, and even Dared, there lies only the Klavdia system; the non-humanoid inhabited site of a research institute not visited by the Federation in decades. The USS Altai has been dispatched for long range reconnaissance patrol and reactivation of Outpost 1-SZ. Whatever the Breen are up to, it’s up to Commander Torden Streth and the crew of the Altai to find out.


Here Be Monsters
started April 14, 2021 and ended December 11, 2021
When early mariners first set out on the great seas and began to make charts, they would mark the edges of the map where the unknown, unexplored ocean lay with a simple phrase: “Here be monsters…” Now, on the edge of the Federation’s maps, there are new border challenges. Old adversaries like the Breen are becoming bolder and new threats lie out in the unknown darkness, beyond explored space.
Spectres in the Dust
started January 6, 2022 and ended January 7, 2023
Outpost 1-SZ has been fully activated and the crew are getting used to life on the base. Their newfound calm is soon disrupted when something sinister emerges from the asteroid field.
The Edge of Yesterday
started January 8, 2023
Under new management, the Altai is ordered to investigate one of their own, a ship that had disappeared during the Dominion War, was now located and adrift. But on board is a secret...

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USS Altai
Starfleet (2400s)
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