About the Mercy

The USS Mercy comes from a long line of hospital ships. The first ship was the United States Navy Ship Mercy which served faithfully. The USS Mercy is named after the Old Earth ship and has adapted her motto, “Steaming to Assist,” as a way to honor the original ship and her crew that sought to help and heal those across the globe.

The USS Mercy is an Olympic-class starship primarily set up for a medical and science diplomatic operation. The ship is deployed in situations ranging from search and rescue, medical emergencies, and scientific missions and rarely acts as a diplomatic envoy to colonies, ships, and stations and only when other ships cannot assist. Onboard the command team doubles as the diplomatic team when the need arises. There is a dedicated medical team and science team onboard. All officers and crew are trained and endorsed in combat operations if a situation devolves or requires additional support.


Mission 1 – “Life as a House”
started August 9, 2022
The USS Mercy is assigned a new captain and a new crew as the long-serving previous crew was due to stand down. The crew begins the unloading process at Starbase Bravo but is interrupted by a distress signal from a long thought abandoned moon base several sectors over, well within Federation Space.

Open Positions

  • Position Open

    Chief Science Officer

  • Position Open

    Flight Control Officer

The Game

USS Mercy
Starfleet (2400s)
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General (13+)

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