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Commissioned in the year 2293, shortly before the signing of the Khitomer Accords, the Watchtower-class Eos Station (Deep Space 108) was a military outpost along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Charged with gathering intel on the Romulans, defense of the Federation borders, and keeping tabs on our Romulan neighbors, Eos Station was the best of the best. Equipped with all the latest technology of the day, Eos Station was a shining beacon for the Federation.

Following the Tomed Incident in 2311, the Romulan Star Empire entered a prolonged period of total isolation. In that time, politics changed, people changed, and the Federation’s needs changed. Once a part of the old guard, Eos was relegated to an overequipped, unimportant outpost along a border of the Federation that seemingly no longer mattered. Over the following decades, Eos fell into disrepair due to her low priority status. 2400 was the year that changed everything for Eos Station as the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire of Rator and de facto Romulan civil war changed the landscape once again. Revived and brought back to life, Eos Station is called upon again to serve the borders of the Federation, this time opposite Romulan space from the Romulan Republic homeworld of New Romulus as well as many other unknown independent Romulan factions all vying for control.


Rule 34 War is Good for Business
started September 19, 2022
On the eve of the station's grand opening, tragedy strikes as an explosion ripples through the Promenade, just outside the Romulan embassy

Open Positions

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    Chief Security Officer

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    Chief Counselor

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    Chief Diplomatic Officer

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    Chief Science Officer

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Eos Station
Starfleet (2400s)
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