About the Jarok

“There comes a time in a man’s life that you cannot know… when he looks down at the first smile of his baby girl and realizes he must change the world for her… for all children.” – Alidar Jarok, 2366


The Jarok is a warbird serving the Romulan Republic. The primary mission of the Jarok is to help establish critical infrastructure for the Republic to grow and sustain the growing numbers. Also, with the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire and the creation of the Independent Romulan Factions, it has become the Jarok task to establish contact with as many worlds as possible. Assist them with anything and everything they need, and influence them to join the Romulan Republic to continue growing and protecting those threatened. But most importantly, to survive against those who see them as a threat. There may also be some points where the Jarok will be responsible for escorting or playing a pivotal role in diplomacy with other major factions.

The question is, are you ready to join the crew of the Jarok and be part of history? Join Now!

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M1-Part I: Adrift
started October 5, 2022 and ended January 7, 2023
Commander Saren and his team will take a Kestrel-class runabout to the derelict vessel and investigate. Their mission is to find out what happened to the crew, why they abandoned the ship, and what they can do to restore functionality. For example, is the singularity core still functioning? Or is it a simple matter of the computer core being corrupted?
M1-Part II: To Be or Not To Be
started January 7, 2023
The Jarok arrives at the system where the distress call from a colony originated. Unfortunately, they detected a D'Deridex Class warbird in orbit of said colony. More unfortunately, they just found out that the cloaking device was not working and was forced to take the Jarok into the upper atmosphere of a gas giant to hide. Saren decides to take a smaller team on the runabout and check to see if that D'Deridex is a friend or foe. Little did they know, there was an ongoing mutiny on board.

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RRW Jarok
Romulan Republic Navy
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