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The Sheo System is located Southwest of Farpoint Station near the Breen Confederacy borders and was discovered by the USS Walker on their deep space exploration mission. Starfleet shows tremendous interest in Sheo III, as preliminary scans indicated it to be prosperous in natural resources that could contribute to Starfleet Corps Engineers. Plus, the strategic position near the Breen Confederacy, Ferengi Alliance, and First Federation is a beneficial boost to current and future diplomacy.

Sheo III is a humid, earth-like planet with various wildlife and jungle-like plants. Earlier scans did indicate volcanic activities in various areas. The USS Walker has concluded that there is no intelligent life found on this planet that could prevent any colonization attempt that might conflict with the prime directive. The mission directive states that Sheo III will be primarily a mining colony, with a secondary objective to make a more noticeable presence of Starfleet in the future that would contribute to further exploration or diplomatic missions.

Outpost Houtman staff will stand for the challenge to tame the beast known now as Sheo III. Sheo III will not easily give in as the planet is tremor sensitive, its fauna is an unknown factor, wild creatures roam the night, and its weather is unpredictable, from sunny to heavy storms. But will the price of the mining ore be enough to sustain life? However, the area is not as safe as it might seem. Will the Breen accept their presence? Will the Ferengi stay dormant and let the Federation do its thing, or will they take a bite of the pie? How will the First Federation respond to their new neighbors?


Start-up problems
started October 17, 2022
The initial colonization crew arrives at Sheo III at a premade Starfleet outpost on the surface operating as the operations building. However, the location is not ideal, as later scans indicate that the surface is relatively unstable and sensitive to construction. The colonization crew has to relocate to a new and more suitable working area. Time is against them as earthquakes are lying dormant.

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    Chief Operations Officer

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    Chief Security Officer

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    Chief Engineering Officer

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    Chief Medical Officer

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    Chief Science Officer

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    Chief Diplomatic Officer

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Outpost Houtman
Starfleet (2400s)
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