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Starfleet Medal of Honor #1

Apr 24, 2020

The BFA unanimously passed my request, which required a 2/3rds majority, and I’m happy to say that our newest recipient of the Bravo Fleet Medal of Honor is Emily! The Medal of Honor is an award bestowed only to people who have had the utmost dedication and service to Bravo Fleet. Over the past year, Emily has been right at my side in all of the management and planning of Bravo Fleet and this relaunch. She’s spent many late nights working on aspects of Bravo Fleet, brainstorming with myself and other BFA members on how to create the best product for our members, how to expand, and how to ensure the long term stability of the fleet, to name a few. On top of that, she has been the sole coder for the new BFMS updates which essentially stem from me going “It needs to do this, can you make it do this and look like this” and she’ll give me a “Maybe?” and then come back 4 hours later with it doing that and looking like that. She is someone who I didn’t know my last time around in Bravo Fleet as she wasn’t yet a member, but I wish she had been. Her drive, dedication, and shared vision with me to make this relaunch possible has been incredibly helpful, and now that it is done, gratifying to see all of her work come to fruition.