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Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism #1

Oct 14, 2021
Since his last award in July, Fleet Admiral James Preston McCallister (aka MJ) has consistently been not one of the most active members in the fleet, but also a tremendous powerhouse of leadership for his Task Force and the fleet as a whole. This is clear not just from his own activity leading him to 1st Place overall in the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet Action, but also from his consistent, enthusiastic, and targetted support and feedback to his members that led Task Force 17 to win the Fleet Action by a considerable margin. While active members are likely going to be active members regardless, the level of performance he achieved as a TFCO is far beyond simply random chance.

During the Echoes of the Tkon event, MJ earned 33 challenge coins for participation in 33 competitions, which was nearly perfect completion of every competition! From among these 33 competitions, MJ earned 7 Starfleet Gold Stars, 7 Starfleet Silver Stars, and 2 Starfleet Bronze Stars, meaning that he placed in nearly every other competition he entered! Four of these Gold Stars were earned for first places in all three phases’ Service Ribbon Races and the event’s overall Service Ribbon race, evidenced by 286 service ribbons, which works out to over 71,500 words of fiction written in this 8-week event! For this impressive performance, he earned an additional Starfleet Gold Star to recognize his overall first place in the Fleet action as a whole.

Activity alone, even activity of this magnitude, is not sufficient to earn the higher level Merit Awards, which must come from leadership and service to the fleet. MJ has earned recognition several times before for his performance as the leader of Task Force 17, and his skill in the role of TFCO can not be seen more clearly than in the way he led his unit to victory in this fleet action. Indeed, all three of the top placers in the event were from his task force, which is thanks to his diligent, conscientious efforts to get as many entries as possible. For the combination of tremendous activity and tremendous leadership, I am pleased to nominate Fleet Admiral James Preston McCallister for the Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism, which caps off his wildly successful time as Task Force 17’s Commanding Officer.