Legion of Merit #1

Jul 21, 2022
Since Sean's last promotion, he's continued to participate in all that Bravo Fleet has to offer in style as we've come to expect from him.

He's earned 57 Service Ribbons and 1 Duty Ribbon, accounting for roughly 14,250 words of solo fiction and a piece jointly written with other BF members. That's just awesome. And then there are 40 Combat Action Ribbons to account for as well! I can only imagine a number of these came from playing games with other BF members and that socialising should be recognised! It's what helps make BF what it is - a community. Throughout the Fleet Action Sean participated in 11 separate competitions, earning 24 Challenge Coins overall. Of those entries, Sean earned 1 Gold Star, 1 Silver Star and 2 Bronze Stars, which is an impressive haul of medals!

For Sean's achievements, either solo or in groups, written, gaming or in competition, I'd like to nominate Sean for the Legion of Merit. You've earned me mate and well done! Keep representing Task Force 47 and Bravo Fleet like this and you'll go far!