Silver Palm #1

Oct 09, 2022
There is absolutely no denying that Aaron, also known as Ambrose Harris, is a powerhouse of writing with Bravo Fleet.

Since the end of the Sundered Wings Fleet Action, he's just kept on going at a pace that is tough to match for anyone! Having contributed to a total of 40 collaborative pieces since then just proves this is a man that wants to write with others! That's a new joint post started, written and published with others on average every 2 days! Man oh man the pace that sets! Not only that but Ambrose has written around about 17,000 words of their own in solo fiction, earning 68 Service Ribbons for these pieces of writing for all of us to enjoy. Back in August, we nominated Ambrose for the Medal of Commendation for being such an awesome contributor to our community and I want to take this opportunity to further recognise Ambrose's contributions.

It is my pleasure to nominate Ambrose at this time for the Silver Palm, a truly well-deserved award!