Star for Distinguished Service #1

Oct 09, 2022
Oh boy, where do I start with Kr'Antren, or Sean as some of us know him as well?

I'm going to start with the easy stuff, the collaborative writing. Duty Ribbons are awarded for collaborative writing pieces and earning 15 of them since the end of July is a huge deal actually. It shows a willingness to engage with the other writers of Bravo Fleet and work together to produce a piece of fiction for everyone else to enjoy. And 15 means that Sean has been pretty well engaged with the community! Then we have Service Ribbons for solo writing. In the same time period, Sean earned a total of 102 Service Ribbons. That's around 25,500 words in just over two months. Then we've competitions as well, with Sean entering 6 and even organising 1 recently as well. Engaging in comps is just more proof of Sean's willingness to partake in all aspects of BF. Honestly, I'm impressed! It's no wonder then that Sean was awarded the Medal of Commendation as well back in August for his commitment to the community and being such a titan of writing.

For these achievements, it's only right that Sean deserves further recognition and as such, I'd like to nominate Kr'Antren for the Star for Distinguished Service! It's well deserved and I can't wait to see more from you mate!