Star Cross #1

Apr 28, 2023
Commander Geronimo Fontana (aka Aaron) has been a welcomed activity powerhouse within the fleet, and with his recent transfer to Task Force 72 to become its Executive Officer, he shows no signs of slowing down either. In only over a month and a half in the role, he has rapidly picked up what is expected of him as Executive Officer and has been a constant pillar of encouragement to 72's membership and one of the first to welcome new members into the fold.

Aaron really shines in his activity in his contributions to fiction. His collaborative efforts through RPGs and guest appearances have netted him forty-four Duty Ribbons. His solo fiction contributions from the USS Mackenzie have earned him an astounding two hundred thirty-nine Service Ribbons. To say that writing is Aaron's strong suit would be a bit of an understatement.

It is my pleasure to have Aaron as my Executive Officer. With the upcoming Fleet Action, I look forward to competing with him against all of the other Task Forces so we can recognize his achievements once again. For now, it is my honour to nominate Aaron for the Star Cross for the incredible amount of fiction he has achieved. Congratulations!
Aaron's work as a Game Manager within Bravo Fleet has been truly amazing; his work on the USS Mercy RPG ensures that our members are provided with a place where they can collaborate together and enjoy shared writing. The USS Mercy is a unique platform allowing this to occur, and this is down to Aaron's effort and commitment to it. Those who keep an eye on our story feed will normally see a collaboration or solo piece coming out from the USS Mercy. For his contributions as Game Manager, it is a pleasure to support Aaron's nomination for this award. Well done Aaron!