Maxwell Stafford's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Commodore

    • Battlefield promotion for Fleet Action III: Sundered Wings!
    16 July 2022
  • Promoted to Fleet Captain

    • Since his last promotion in May of 2021, Dave has really jumped to an entirely new career in Bravo Fleet. His last promotion was largely the sum of his awesome job as a Task Force Commanding Officer. But since then he has moved up the latter of the Office of the Chief of Staff — first starting as a Staff Assistant, then Deputy, and now the presiding Chief of Staff since March 2022. In those positions, Dave has been killing it day in and day out.

      The OCS is one of the few departments within the fleet that cannot necessarily be quantified. It rarely produces anything numerical in value aside from the approvals, there is very little project work to look at and say "Hmm, that looks great!". Its a constant, daily job and as one former Chief of Staff put it… its where the sausage is made and how the trains arrive on time. Its a position that requires consistent dedication and is probably one of the few positions that directly impacts every other aspect of the fleet in some way. The Chief of Staff leads this endeavour, and Dave has been taking this role seriously, executes it to perfection, and has been carving out his own place within the position.

      Under Dave, the OCS has been a model of execution. This Fleet Action proves it as Dave has meticulously been tracking (of course, behind the scenes!) every single activity ribbon that gets processed. Additional to that, every single competition, ribbon, award, and promotion that comes out of Bravo Fleet has passed through Dave's hand either directly, or indirectly through his personally chosen staff. Dave does his due diligence on any matter he isn't personally involved with or has direct experience with. He often reaches out not only to me, but to former Chiefs of Staff to get input. He's always trying to grow the department, better his knowledge, and pass it on as much as he can.

      I'm happy to submit Dave for this promotion to Fleet Captain! Well earned, and congratulations!
    03 July 2022
  • Promoted to Captain

    • Since his last promotion in October of 2020, Dave P has been an active and engaged member and leader in our organization. As a commander, he has earned 37 duty ribbons, two service ribbons, and a Silver Palm back in January for his work in Task Force 86, where he served as Task Force 86 Commanding Officer from October 31st, 2020, to April 20th, 2021.

      Dave successfully ran Task Force 86 from October 31st, 2020, to April 20th, 2021. Since his last medal on January 2nd, the Task Force has consistently had good numbers of activity award submissions, with many of its members also placing in numerous competitions. A highlight of his tenure was the Adventures in the Triangle event, which included six competitions that Dave organized and graded. Task Force 86 has always had a smaller staff than the other three Task Forces; thus, Dave primarily handled the day-to-day nominations and other crucial behind-the-scenes work for the entirety of his tenure there, not getting a TFXO until early March. Despite this handicap, Dave has always been one of the most reliable staffers we’ve had in terms of his ability to keep a handle on managing his task force and helping others advance.

      In addition to work already recognized, I want to make a special note of Dave’s success with the USS Cygnus. Running a successful RPG is difficult under the best circumstances, but Dave has done well with the Cygnus. Since his last award at the beginning of January, the crew Cygnus has made 52 posts and completed two missions. While an average of ten posts per month may not seem like a lot, many RPGs stall out well before they are level to sustain that pace, and some take a year to finish even one mission! These 52 posts are a mix of solo and joint posts, meaning that the members who participate on the Cygnus have been able to earn many, many ribbons through their writing. Running a game comes with no special privileges or perks, and Dave did this successfully alongside his service as a TFCO, which recently ended in April.

      For his activity and service to the fleet over the past seven months, I am pleased to recommend Dave for promotion to the rank of Captain, which is a substantial milestone for any member. Well done!

      –RADM Aubrey Seagraves, Bravo Fleet Operations Officer

    21 May 2021
  • Promoted to Commander

    • I am writing to request that dwpatterson85 (Dave) be promoted from Lieutenant Commander to Commander, having today reached two months since his last promotion. He has been immeasurably helpful in TF9, especially when it comes to his timely submission of activity ribbons (even reminding me to record my own each month when I invariably forget) and for his work to get the rest of the TF to submit theirs. He has submitted activity for the Task Force, in large part if not in entirely, since May. In addition, he has served as proof-of-concept for the premade game system, running the Cygnus very well indeed over the last few months, while also taking on the TFXO’s responsibility when the previous officeholders changed positions.

      In the realm of personal activity, he has earned 32 Legions of Honor and 3 Service Ribbons for his own personal writing activity. He has also been active entering competitions, even earning an Action Medal w/ Star Cluster for his efforts. In total, his work also saw him awarded a Meritorious Service Cross.

      Dave’s continued activity seems certain, and I think he is deserving of this recognition, especially in light of his quite apparent path towards the BFA.

    24 October 2020
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • Promotion Activity:

      • Reached Level 7 on the Bravo Fleet Discord
      • Listed five characters on BFMS
      • Earned a Recognition Award (Starfleet Medal of Commendation, 19 August 2020)
      • Served as a Task Force staff member
      • Created a well-developed biography for their character
    19 August 2020
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

    • Promotion Activity:

      • Reached Level 6 on the Bravo Fleet Discord
      • Listed 3 characters on the BFMS
      • Created a well-developed biography for their character
      • Served as a TF Staff Member (TF9CoS)
    17 July 2020
  • 21 April 2020