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Geronimo Fontana

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Fontana


Commanding Officer
USS Valkyrie




Geronimo Jonah Fontana


Roundup, MT


Geronimo Fontana is a brilliant doctor who is always hungry for more – part of the reason why he stepped into the command track.  He’s recently married and his wife is a surgeon who is coming along to serve in the medical department.  He is 40 years old in 2400.


Geronimo is 6’2 tall, broad-shouldered, and long-legged.  He walks with a slight limp due to an accident when he was young.  His eyes are green and he wears glasses from time to time.

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A risk-taking doctor who is willing to do what is needed for his patients.  His track record has earned him the nickname “Maverick”.  He’s found himself operating in the middle of a war zone, giving medical assistance to combatants in the midst of a fight as the phaser fire is still going, and following the Hippocratic oath to the letter.  His passion for medicine and its use of it for all is a driving force in his life.


Early Life (2360-2378)

Geronimo Jonah Fontana was born to Frederick and Angelina in Roundup, MT.  Both were local doctors in town and had a medical practice that had been passed down through the generations.  Geronimo excelled in his studies and, during high school, completed concurrent enrollment at the local community college for pre-medical studies.  He graduated from Roundup High School and the community college.  He was recruited to Starfleet Academy and accepted an invitation to the medical program focusing on the medical doctor track.

Starfleet Academy (2378-2382)

Geronimo found his passion and love in Starfleet Medical and pursued his officer training in tandem with medical school through Starfleet – a hard and tough path. He kept his head down and books open, taking extra shifts at local hospitals to learn more and expand his knowledge and experience.  He graduated as Dr. Fontana in 2382.  He was assigned to the Excelsior-class USS Hosea as an ensign to start his residency.

USS Hosea (2382-2385)

He quickly established himself as a daring doctor in the medical department. When the assistant chief medical officer retired, he applied and served as ACMO from 2384-2385. He worked hard at learning new techniques and processes, earning him a promotion to Lieutenant in 2385. He was recruited and transferred to the Olympic class USS Polson as an assistant chief medical officer in 2385.

USS Polson (2385-2399)

Geronimo was given several awards during his nine years on the Polson.  During a rescue mission in 2388, he was dropped in with a combat team and found himself operating on a hostage in the middle of a war zone between two planetary rivals.  The patient survived.  In 2390 he was giving medical assistance to combatants in the midst of a fight as the phaser fire was still going.  In his citation, it was noted he gave care to both sides and managed to save as many lives as possible.  He was promoted to Chief Medical Officer and Lieutenant Commander in late 2395 when his chief transferred to command a Raven class ship.  His work on the Polson continued as he started a focused combat medic training program which earned him another citation in 2396. He eventually rolled the program out to the entire crew with great success.  He was promoted to Commander and First Officer in 2397 after the FO was forced to retire due to injuries from an away team mission.  In late 2399 he was field promoted to Captain in the middle of a medical operation when the captain of the Polson was murdered by an enemy.  He served in the role for six months before he was fully promoted to Captain.  Upon Rachel Harris’s assignment to the USS Polson, he was reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters to assist until an assignment was made available.

USS Edinburgh (7.15.2400- 9.10.2400)

After the horrifying loss of fifty crew, Geronimo is assigned as Captain to assist Commander Harris, who is demoted to XO.  Harris attempts to work with Fontana but is ordered to end his relationship with his girlfriend, Jordan Reid.  The XO resigned on 8.2400. In the ensuing days, Fontana discovers he has been set up by a former enemy of Reid. In discussions with Harris on 8.7.2400, he reveals he never sent the officer’s resignation to Starfleet. He offers Harris his rank and position as XO back, and Harris accepts. They continue to work together and navigate their relationship.

On 9.10.2400, Harris is reinstated as commanding officer of the USS Edinburgh, and Fontana reports he has and will be taking action against the person who set him up to destroy Reid and Harris.  Fontana returns to Starfleet Command to assist with the medical operations.

Medical Operations (9.10.2400 -2.25.2400)

Fontana began to apply himself to his job more and more.  He signed up for as many search and rescue operations as Starfleet would allow.  In October 2400, he is dispatched with a medical frigate support group to assist in a planet-wide vaccination effort when it’s discovered disease is rapidly spreading through the population. It became apparent his command experience was needed, and he was placed in command of the operation as he worked side by side with the teams as they made landfall.  The operation completed full planet vaccination early, and his leadership is credited with being part of the success.

In November of 2400, he was asked to assist at Starfleet Academy with various classes, from the freshmen to the seniors.  He applied much of his experience with Harris and Edinburgh in how he related to the cadets, which earned him much of their respect.  He completes his assignment at the end of December 2400.  Fontana is recommended to begin training within Task Force Operation, and he began his training on January 1st, 2400.

Task Force 72  (2.25.2400-7.31.2401)

Fontana is among many applications for the position of Executive Officer for Task Force 72.  After going through multiple interviews and a final discussion with the TFCO, he is offered the position and accepts.  On 4.13.2401, he was promoted to Commanding Officer for Task Force 72.

Geronimo decided to step away from Task Force Command and take a step into command.  He was assigned the USS Valkyrie on 8.01.2401

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2378 - 2382 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2382 - 2383 Doctor USS Hosea
2384 - 2385 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Hosea
2385 - 2395 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Polson
2395 - 2397 Chief Medical Officer USS Polson
Lieutenant Commander
2397 - 2399 First Officer / Chief Medical Officer USS Polson
2399 - 2400 Field Promotion - Captain USS Polson
2400 Captain USS Edinburgh
2400 Commanding Officer Starfleet Medical Operations
2400 Academy Instructor Assistant Starfleet Academy
2401 Task Force 72 Executive Officer Starbase 72
2401 Task Force 72 Commanding Officer Starbase 72
8.012401 - Present Captain USS Valkyrie