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Join fellow gamers in our Star Trek Online and World of Warships fleets! Interested in playing with us? Join our Discord server!

What is gaming in Bravo Fleet?
Bravo Fleet currently supports two online multiplayer video games: Star Trek Online and World of Warships. Our members actively play both games, and we have in-game fleets that pool our resources and skills together. We are always looking to support more games, so check back here for updates!
How can I participate?
You can participate in one, or both, of our in-game fleets by joining our Discord server and sending us your usernames in the channels #sto-invites and #world-of-warships. We also occationally host gaming nights, where our members get together and play one of the games we support!
Record your activity!
Whether you're a member of our in-game fleets or not, you can use your time playing video games towards a promotion! Check out Bravo Fleet's Gaming Policy to learn about what awards you get for each activity, and then look at Bravo Fleet's ranks to learn about what's required for your next promotion!

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