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Varen Wyll

Bajoran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Varen


Deputy Commander, Task Force 47
Bravo Fleet Command


Varen Wyll




One of the few babies born during the last years of the occupation; Varen grew up in a world scrabbling to find itself. The only son of a respected Vedek father and a hard working mother who later served as a civil servant in the new provisional goverment Varen grew up believing in the future of the Bajoran people and the promise of a bright new future held amongst the stars. Growing up hearing the tales of a heroine of Bajor who fought beside the Emissary in the Dominion War, who despite their history made peace with ancient enemies for the greater good of all, he dreamed of joining the Miltia and taking Bajor to the stars. He turned his hand to history, critical theory and study of as many different instellar races as he could. By the time he had completed his training on Bajor, the planet was well into the process of becoming a member of the Federation and Starfleet, well… for Varen there wasn’t another option. Now assigned to the Fourth Fleet and Task Force 72 his seemingly endless knowledge of local history and politics serves the task force well.


Mid way through is 3rd decade Varen stills retains a youthful appearence, though the large spectacles that sit on his nose whilst he’s surrounded by padds and books give him a scholarly visage. Dark hair, cut short at the sides is tied in a small knot on top of his head and thick sideburns run down to join a full but well managed beard. Behind the black spectacles (once an affectation, though now slowly becoming a practical necessity) his dark eyes are combined with a welcoming smile that dimples his cheeks whenever someone appears at the door.

In healthy shape, his waist show signs of a decades worth of formal diplomatic dinners that he works hard to keep under control but given his propensity for a sweet treat as he passes the mess hall, its likely a loosing battle.


Normally discovered in one of the Starbase’s grand promenades or the Arboretum on Starbase 72, Varen enjoys taking his work out with him into the starbase. With cup of Raktajino in hand and the crumbs of a recently consumed muffin on his chin he enjoys immersing himself in the multi-cultural celebration that is life on a Federation Starbase. A veritable walking library of historical information and interesting tidbits he could easily be mis-labeled as an innofensive bookworm. Behind the warm smile and precariously balanced spectacles however, hides a deeply astute and observant mind, one that has diffused many of the difficualt diplomatic confrontations throughout the region and for Starfleet at large, evidenced by his quick rise through the ranks. Prefering to make his office amongst the cafes that dot around the station’s various promenades he keeps one ear on the conversation and one eye on the padd that scrolls with a variety of news services, a watchful sentinel against any brewing storms that may require the special skills of Task Force 72.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Executive Officer, Task Force 47 Deep Space 47
2401 Executive Officer, Task Force 72 Starbase 72, Task Force Command
2396 - 2401 Diplomatic Officer, Cardassian Office Starbase 72
2392 - 2396 Senior Analyst USS Westminster
Lieutenant Commander
2390 - 2392 Diplomatic Lead USS Greenhill
Lieutenant Commander
2388 - 2387 Diplomatic Support USS Greenhill
2388 - 2390 Research Analyst USS Greenhill
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388 Officer Conversion Course Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385 - 2387 Graduate Officer Bajor
Second Lieutenant