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Cal-Dorn Prax

Trill - Joined Male

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Ensign Prax


Starbase Bravo


Cal-Dorn Prax


USS Horizon


Cal-dorn or just Cal for short was born on board the Ambassador class USS Horizon NCC-26517 to a pair of Trill Scientists. His Mother a medical officer while his father was an engineer, the pair were offered positions on the Trill Homeworld as researchers at the Trill Science Ministry, not long after Cal’s third birthday. His Mother chose to resign her commission and took up a role researching ways to overcome subspace communications dead spots such as that surrounding the Lantaru sector. Cal’s Father initially took up his role in researching ways to improve warp field efficiency however his upbringing outside of Trill culture saw him branded as an outsider, choosing to return to Earth and continue his research at Starfleet Advanced Propulsion Division. Cal started school on Trill, excelling in his mechanical and scientific studies, though his people skills were severely lacking lustre. At 18 like many others, he enrolled and was accepted into Starfleet academy, majoring in science and tactical development.

At the end of his junior year Cal applied for a short-term placement on Starbase Deepspace Nine, he made it to the final round of interviews before being told his application was unsuccessful. However, a member of his interview panel would offer him an internship in the Advanced Operations Centre in San Franisco. The internship had been marketed as the opportunity to work on next-generation tactical systems when in reality Cal spent months spent cooped up in a lab in San Francisco analyzing the effectiveness of multispectral phasers against various shield harmonics. Everyday craving the opportunity for even the slightest change to the monotony, anything to add some excitement to his life. When it came time to install the new phasers for further testing in orbit Cal had jumped at the chance. Finally free from the dense stuffy lab he found himself thriving in the upbeat atmosphere of Sol Station.

He saw the legendary Enterprise-F depart on Frontier Day and that’s where his memories of the day ended. At some point in his assimilation aboard the station had had suffered severe plasma burns. His left arm needing to be amputated below the elbow. The limb had already been replaced with a biosynthetic one but Cal knew it was still not the same.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - 2401 Intern Advanced Operations Centre
2398 - 2401 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2401 - Present Stategic Operations Officer Starbase Bravo Shipyards