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Journey Home

Junior Officers Quarters
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“What do you mean you’re not going?” asked Xifel.

“Exactly what I said. Not going.” replied Xifer

“But he was our father.”

“He was an ass. You didn’t see it as much as I did. Apparently, you being two whole minutes younger meant you got to be shielded from the abuse that mom and I endured.” 

“I’m not listening to this again. Our father never laid a hand on any of us. He was the most peaceful man we knew.”

“Peaceful. What a joke. Did you really think I had broken all those bones while playing Blastball? Please. That man was as violent as they come.”

“Then you could at least go for mom. She needs us both right now.” said Xifel.

Xifer huffed and shook his head. “I was wondering when you’d play that card. Listen. I’ve already spoken to mom. She completely understands why I’m not coming.”

“Fine.” stated Xifel as he picked up his bag. “I’ll see you when I get back.”

Without another word, he turned and exited the quarters that he shared with his twin brother.