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Part of USS North Carolina: Back to the Basics of Exploration

New Faces

Various locations on the ship
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Grant found himself walking the corridors of the ship again. 

He had already visited Engineering to see how the staff were getting along with the new Assistant Chief. Grant had been able to bring some of his crew from his previous command when he transferred to the North Carolina, and Jamison had been one of them. Kyle was, without a doubt, one of the best Engineers Grant had ever known.

His next stop had been Astrometrics to see how Campbell was settling in. Campbell was another transplant. The young man had been hesitant about the transfer but Grant had been able to persuade him to come along with the promise if more adventure than he could ever handle.

There were a few others that he hadn't got around to seeing yet but they were definitely on his list of things to do. For now, he decided to make his way to the Bridge. He entered the lift and called for his destination.


The doors parted as soon as the lift halted and he stepped out.

“Captain on the Bridge!” yelled a young Security officer.

Grant smiled and waved his hands in a sit down motion. “As you were.” he added.

Everyone returned to their work and the First Officer stepped over to her seat as she vacated the new COs.

The Captain made his way over and stood in front of it as he observed the Bridge crew. He knew the former Captain of the North Carolina, and also knew that, much like himself, he would have only had what he considered the best personnel. It was one of the reasons Grant had agreed to the posting. He trusted Krolo's instinct.

The first meeting with his new Senior Staff had been a bit tense in the beginning but there had been a video message from Krolo that endorsed Grant. After hearing the words of their former CO, they seemed to relax and accept Grant as one of their own. They truly didn't have much choice but it helped smooth things along.

He gave an approving nod after one more look around before finally coming to rest in his command chair. The ship had been in dock while making the crew changes and now that everything was complete, it was time to get back to the basics…..Exploration.

“We've been cleared for launch, Captain.” announced the Helmsman.

“Proceed, Lieutenant. Take us out at your leisure.” he said.

Got to trust them. he thought. If Krolo could, so can I.

Helm simply smiled at the opportunity. “Aye, Sir.”

And just like that, the USS North Carolina was off and running.