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Making friends (Pt 1)

Mess Hall
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Jamison entered the Mess Hall to find that a fair amount of the Junior Officers had had the same thought… 

As he glanced around, he saw the twin Bolians sitting together despite the tension he had seen between them the last few days. One had just returned from home. He hadn’t asked the reason due to not wanting to get into the middle of whatever the issue was.

He noticed his old friend, Campbell, sitting with Nurse Poloma and the First Officer’s daughter Leana Tod. He gave a slight nod when Campbell waved him over, just as Barrett from Security asked to join them. He retrieved a tray that contained a thick juicy cheeseburger along with some fries and a drink. He greeted everyone as he approached and took his seat. 

“Really!” exclaimed Campbell just before turning to Kyle. “Dude. You won’t believe who her parent is.”

Jamison gave the young scientist a strange look. “Everyone knows she’s the XO’s kid.”

Campbell released a quick laugh. “I meant her father.” After getting another strange look from Jamison, he continued. “Doctor O’Conner.”

Jamison’s head quickly snapped around to the teenager. “The Doc and XO are married?” he asked in disbelief.

“No. They just used to be a couple a while back and I’m the by-product.” she said teasingly.

Jamison looked around the table and saw everyone giggling.

“I never would have guessed that.” he told them as he began eating his meal.