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Making friends (Pt 2)

Mess Hall
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The twins sat at a table and ate their meals in silence. There hadn’t been much conversation between the two of them since Xifel had returned from their father’s funeral. 

“Isn’t that the new Engineering Assistant Chief?” Xifel asked his brother with a nod toward the other table.

Xifer replied without even turning his head to take a look. “I guess.” He scooped up another spoonful of his Bolian tomato soup and continued eating.

Xifel placed his glass back onto the tray that sat in front of him and grabbed it by the sides. “Well, I’m going over to say hello,” he told his slightly older brother. “Feel free to join if you’d like.”

With that, he stood and approached the other table.

“Mind if I join all of you?” he asked.

The young Bolian wasn’t at all surprised when the First Officer’s daughter looked up and responded. “Xifer. Of course. Please do.” she said with a smile.

To this day, the twins still hadn’t figured out exactly how, but Leana Tod had been the one person aboard the North Carolina who had been able to tell them apart almost immediately upon their arrival.

“Thank you, Leana.” he replied as he took a vacant chair. Turning to the two other men, he extended his hand and introduced himself.

He began asking them about their previous adventures and what it was like to serve under Captain Burton. They talked and laughed as they ate and drank together. Xifer hung on to every word the two older officers were sharing. If there had ever been any doubt in his mind about him remaining in Starfleet, it was quickly subsiding. He wanted to have the same sort of adventures they had. Now more than ever, he wanted to travel both the known and unknown Galaxies. Meet new species. See new planets. Hell. He might even learn another language or two. 

When there was a break in the conversation, Xifel looked over to the table he had shared with his brother earlier only to realize that Xifer had already left the Mess Hall. It saddened Xifer that his relationship with his brother was so strained. He was hoping to be able to work on that while they were out exploring the universe together. He turned his attention back to the others and tried to enjoy the moment.