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Fafnir – 2

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Kr’Antren tapped the internal comms button on his console. “Lieutenant Zhaishi, Captain Kr’Antren. Let’s light the fires and kick the tires, time to hear this Dragon roar.”

“Acknowledged, sir. Bringing the Warp core up as we speak.”

Many of the consoles and screens across the bridge seemed to come alive, barely noticeable to most but to those that worked on the bridge they could tell that the ship was coming to life.

Kr’Antren reached into his pocket and felt the velvet bag and what was held inside, pulled it out of his pocket.  Reaching into the bag he pulled out a decently sized ring that was held in the hands of a long sinewy dragon. Looking over at Aryanna showing it to her. “Borrowing an idea from Atlantis. Seems to work in their favor and we needed some sort of new tradition/good luck charm on the dragon. This doesn’t leave the bridge. We will hand it over to whoever has the conn at the time. Who knows what will happen if the dragon is not kept in its lair.”

Aryanna nodded “Sounds like something the crew can get behind, may the dragon’s wrath come down on whoever carries them off the bridge. Always believed that ships should have some sort of lore and tradition onboard, they add to the ship’s mystique.”

“Indeed”  Kr’Antren stood and put the dragon back into his pocket, patting it to get used to the feel of it.

“Lieutenant Viameli, request permission to undock and depart Deep Space Forty-Seven. Lieutenant Sustram, plot a course for point alpha, warp seven.” Kr’Antren looked around the bridge as he stood and then sat back down.

“Lt Scamandrius, anything new from the Osiris?” He spun his chair sideways to see his new intelligence officer.

“Nothing new since yesterday’s report, captain. They have noticed more patrols of Breen escorts and frigates in their claimed border/security regions. I would have to agree with their assessment. Placing those arrays is going to draw attention to us and the Task Force.” Scama looked at the captain through a holo display of the latest scan data from the Osiris. Looks like there may be a patrol near point alpha when we get there, wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they are expecting us.”

Kr’antren spun his chair to look over at his new CDO/counselor. “Thoughts?”

Well, Captain. So far the confederacy has kept to their side. However, as we both claim rights to what they consider their security buffer we could expect a tag-along or two. Especially given that part of our mission from what I understand is to deploy communication and sensor arrays. If they have heightened their presence in that region, being Breen, who knows how they will perceive the addition of such arrays even if we deploy them on this side of their security zone? If I may make a suggestion sir.” She pulled up a holo map over her console. “I would move the deployment location to this point here.” She highlighted a point with a yellow pulsing dot. “It’s a bit further away from the security zone than originally planned, but it should be far enough away to not raise any eyebrows behind those masks of theirs.”

Kr’antren nodded and took a step closer to look at the location on the map. “Lieutenant Zolitia, would this new location work for us?”

“Looking at it now, captain. Yes, yes it should work. The repeater will reach and the weather arrays will still reach a significant distance into their security zone. I would have to agree with the counselor, better to move it than risk them deciding that it has other uses and come looking for us later.”

Kr’Antren turned and looked at Aryanna. “I agree with them both. Besides with the influx of ships in the Expanse, I’m sure we will have a few Parliament classes that could come and move the array in the future if needed.”

“Good point. Lieutenant Sustram, make the change to point alpha. I’ll inform the Taskforce command of the change. Anything else?” he looked around the bridge seeing heads shake or hearing “No, captain” from his staff he sat back down in his chair. “Ok then, Lieutenant Viameli, let’s spread her wings shall we.”

“Yes, sir.”

Over the next several minutes the Dragon disembarked from DS47, making its way past the outer markers, and entering warp toward the Breen confederacy.




“Ladies and Gents, we have a part to play in the upcoming mission. We will be arriving at point alpha in roughly thirty-six hours. Upon arrival, we will deploy Blue to conduct a perimeter patrol followed by red and green each six hours apart. Black will be working a secondary mission that Captain Kr’Antren just gave us, we will be conducting quick long and short-range scans using our two Arrows.” he nodded toward his XO, who typed something on his PADd dimming the squadrons ready room lights and brought a map of the area up on the main screen.

The three wings will deploy from the Dragon at their assigned time, jump to the patrol zone using warp two, the coordinates given to you by Lieutenant Sustram or his designated relief then conduct circular perimeter patrols. Each ship will be fully loaded with photon torpedoes. The Rule of Engagement is this. You will not engage unless you are engaged. If you can get back to the Dragon before engaging then do so. The Breen have stepped up patrols in this sector using frigates and escorts. You should find their data/specs for them on your PADDS along with silhouettes for recognition.” Commander Thornton stomped twice with a foot on the deck, looking at the officers in front of him

“While that is ongoing black will have another mission. We are going to conduct some sneak peeks into what Breen consider their security recognition area. We will conduct a Zig zag pattern alongis two axis.” Two patterns appeared on the main screen. “Speed will be our ally on this one ladies and gents. We will pop up on the designated points and conduct a quick, but full, long, and short-range scan. We will then collect the data and move on to the next point. ROE is simple. We do not engage unless it is a life or death matter, We will use the Arrows speed to get us out and back to the Dragon. Any questions?” looking around the room. “That is all then, dismissed.”