Part of USS Dragon: Abeloth and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet


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Captains log:

The past 36 hours have been busy to say the least. We have deployed team obsidian to infiltrate Deptrock 6. We have decided on a hybrid plan combining elements of plan A and plan B. I am still not sure what Bravo fleet command was thinking of, sending one ship to conduct this mission, so many factors, and so many unknowns. We have successfully deployed four probes to act as an early warning system over the potential avenues used by the convoys. Morale is high amongst the crew, though many do not know what awaits us in the coming days.


Aryanna sat back in the center chair and closed her eyes briefly remembering what they have discussed over the last couple of days.

<<” Trust in your ship and in your crew, if the mission is to succeed then it is the crew that will make it happen.”>>

“Computer, end captains log and save.”

“Comms, anything from obsidian?” Meadow asked from her station.

“No, ma’am. Nothing since we received the message about making it past the ground based sensor array they found.”

Meadow looked over at Aryanna. Aryanna thumped her armrest with the gloved hand. “We will have to continue on and hope that they are able to complete their part.” she tapped on the internal comm button. “Commander Thornton, brief your crews and prepare your ships.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Viameli, as soon as we have confirmation that the convoy has arrived at one of the locations; plot a course that allows us to keep an eye on them but stays outside of their sensors.”

“Yes, ma’am. I have been looking at various ways to do just that. I think a bit of planet hopping, staying on the back side of the planet, would be the best course of action for that.”

Aryanna nodded, “plot the course and plan for stationary orbits.”

“Yes, ma’am”

“Skagath, if we have to go with plan B remember to target the interceptors, and communication arrays then go for the nacelles. We will need those ships to make this work.”

“Aye, captain.”

“You know Skagath one day after this is done and you will need to tell me what is up with that accent.”

“What accent ma’am, it’s just the way I talk.”

She looked over and saw a slight smile creep over his face as she raised an eyebrow.

“Skagath, seeing as Yatokii is part of team obsidian you have control of security.”

“Are, captain”

“Get with Viameli, Sustram and Zhaishi and make sure the boarding parties have what they need.”

“Viameli, have your personnel gotten the information on Breen ships?”

“Yes, captain, at least what we have in the data banks. Not much there but they have been going over what is there. They feel confident that they can fly the ships in a straight line and maybe land them if there’s enough room.” she chuckled as she was talking. “No promises on the straight line though or the landing for that matter.”

Meadow let out a burst of laughter at hearing the conversation. She then turned and looked at Aryanna. “I guess it all comes down to timing now, doesn’t it. “

“That and a whole bunch of luck. Though I wish we knew how things were going with the team on the planet, this mission plan is riding on them.”

“Sir, using the crevices to move has certainly kept us away from those sensors but it has majorly slowed us down.”

“I thought for sure that the last patrol had us, it can’t be coincidence that we have passed two sensor groups and have had patrols after we passed both.” Yatokii muttered as he crept up beside Chief Ukogh and looked over the ridgeline from the chiefs position

“No, sir. I just hope they chalk it up to something else.”

“Only one way to find out”

“Yes, sir. I think that I can get down to that boulder outcropping 50 meters below and to the left, which should be a good place for me to set up.” Ukogh pointed it out to the lieutenant.

Yatokii looked at his chrono and then at the sky. “Roughly three hours till sunrise, if we wait too much longer we will all wish we had one of those Breen suits on versus what we have.”

“Believe me sir, they have been tested. We will survive. It may get a bit warm in them but it’s not unbearable.”

“Sounds like someone is talking from experience.”

Both of the chiefs grunt/groan as a simple reply, which causes Yatokii and the rest to chuckle.

Yatokii watches as chief Ukogh carefully and slowly, keeping himself low to the ground, makes his way down the slope to the rock/boulder outcropping that he had pointed out. Then he made his way back to the rest of the team.

“Ok folks, this is where the fun part starts. Looks like we have the camp nestled into a cut out at the bottom of the slope on the other side. There are five domed structures near the slope; we are guessing they house the Breen security contingent, infrastructure and operations buildings. Then we counted at least 15- 20 domed structures set up in two lines on the left hand side. Looks like the landing area is off to the right, we could see what looked like two fighters and three Plesh Tral raiders.”

“Could you see the mine entrances, sir”

“Yes, they were located here and here.” He added two rocks to the lower left and mid left to the impromptu map being formed on the ground between the team. “Going to be a lot of ground to cover folks. These two domes here and here.” he pointed out two rocks near the slope. “Look to be larger than the others. I am thinking that these may house the mine operations and the infrastructure for the operation. Make sure we tag both as targets for the Dragon.” he looked at chief Ngiazav who nodded in response.

“Chief Ngiazav, take your team and figure out where the control panel is for the shield and disable it. Grab anything you think the fleet could use as far as intel goes. I will take the other team, make our way towards this area over here, and see what we can do about freeing up the slaves when the time is right. The transporter ground emitter arrays go with us. Ok folks we have our orders let’s load up and move out.”

He stopped and tapped out a message on his wrist PADD, looking up to the sky as he hit the transmit tab.