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Fafnir – 4

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“Captains log: 240103.22

We have spent the last few days travelling the long way around toward the Expanse. We made a stop at Bravo station to get replacement ships and crew and to replenish supplies, picked up several more security and intelligence personnel to help us realize my new vision for the Dragon, An exploratory cruiser and the task force’s premier intelligence operations platform.

One thing that the conflict in the Deneb sector taught me is that we need to be ready for any type of mission at all times. We took losses during the conflict and they will be remembered; but we must learn from those losses, and what contributed to them. “

Aryanna took a sip of a lukewarm Raktijino and grimaced. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly as she looked out her ready room’s single window panel.

“Are we ready, have I given the crew enough time and space to mourn? I hope so as I have ordered the Dragon to the coordinates of the Breen array we found before the whole Deneb sector business. The array that led a particular Breen captain to not only threaten this ship and its crew but also threaten the entire Thomar Expanse. I have decided it is time, time to call his hand and see what cards he is holding.”

Aryanna stood and ran her hands over her tunic as she picked up her PADD. “Computer, end and save the captain’s log.”

The computer beeped in response.

Aryanna made her way out of the ready room and onto the bridge.

Aryanna approached the center chair as Skagath stood and handed her the ring. “We are just exiting the badlands, captain. Feels good to be home, doesn’t it?”

Aryanna looked down at the Tellarite and nodded, “it does.” as she took her seat. Viameli, set a course for that Breen array. Let’s see what they have to say now.”

“Yes, ma’am. Coordinates are locked in and the course is plotted.”

“Hit it, helm”

<<”That’s it; hit it, that’s your thing?”

“What’s wrong with it, it works”

“Yaaa sure it does, but it’s so boring. We got to work on that young lady, we need something original, strong, and something that fits you.”

“Whatever you say old man.”>>


“Captain, we are five hours out from the array’s coordinates, how do you want to handle this?”

Aryanna turned toward Meadow, “ideas?”

“Well if this was a pure diplomatic meeting I’ve always been one for shooting it straight in this type of situation. So, I say we put the proverbial ball in their court.”

“Zoltia, anything?”

“No, ma’am. Just the array. So either they don’t know we are here…”

“Or they are waiting for us to make the first move.” Aryanna finished the sentence for her science chief.

“Viameli, let’s hold position here and see what happens.”

Meadow looked over at Aryanna as she tapped her hand on her console. “I may have an idea to give them a nudge.”

Aryanna looked at her then chuckled. “Well seeing as the array is still here I’m pretty sure they know why we are; so maybe a nudge in the right direction wouldn’t hurt.”

Meadow stood and walked toward the helm and ops consoles, placing a hand on the back of each chair.

“This is the USS Dragon hailing any confederacy vessel that can hear this. As you are aware, the hostilities in the Deneb Sector have ended. This array and several more like, so read around the Thonar Expanse, are in direct violation of the Treaty of Gavaria. As per chapter twenty-one section Mike, sub chapter six point three. No entity shall emplace items such as arrays or platforms that have are offensive or defensive in nature with in the agreed upon limits of the known region of space of the Thomar Expanse. We could continue citing the mentioned chapter but we think you get the point. As per the said treaty the federation is here to serve and protect and as such has deemed the arrays mentioned prior fall into this category. You have forty eight hours to remove the weaponized pieces of the mentioned arrays or the federation will have no choice but to remove them for you.”

Aryanna raised an eyebrow. “I knew there was a reason why I chose you. Nicer than how I would have said it.”

“Just one of the many hats I wear.” She tapped the back of Viameli’s chair. “comms, put that on an hourly repeat.

“Yes, ma’am”

“Well, the ball is in their court as they used to say. “As she returned to her seat.

Aryanna turned toward the science chief, “Well, since we are here and waiting. Zoltia, can you find us something interesting to go look at.”

“We can do our best ma’am. Anything in particular?”

“Nope, just don’t want to sit here for who knows how long. Gets kind of boring.”

“Nothing right now ma’am. I will keep an eye out in case anything pops up. Most of the systems in this sector are Breen controlled so we could pay one of those a visit.”

“It’s an idea Aryanna, though the array problem and a federation ship showing up at one of their controlled systems may raise too many flags with them.”

“True” as she sat back in the center chair. I’m open to ideas folks.”

“We could start looking at the array closer, see what we can learn. Maybe fill in some gaps on Breen technology?” Scamandrius said.

“Would be interesting to see what improvements they made to those neutralizer weapons. They seemed to hit harder when we faced them in the Deneb sector.” Skagath added.

“That’s true.” Aryanna said as she looked at something on her console.

“Zoltia, let’s start taking a look at this array shall we?”

“Yes, ma’am”


Meadow enters the bridge with a mug of coffee and her PADD. “Good morning everyone.” as she looked around the bridge. “Is the captain…?”

Scamandrius pointed towards the captain’s ready room. “I don’t think she ever left.”

Meadow shook her head, “Captains” as she made her way to her chair and placed her coffee in its usual spot and put her PADD down in her chair. “Guess I should do my First Officer duties and go check on her.

The young lieutenant sitting in the center chair looked up. “Ma’am, rumor has it that she is not a morning person. The last gamma shift person who tried got a mug of something launched at them.”

“Thank you for the warning lieutenant, but what type of first officer would I be if I didn’t take one for the crew. Better me than one of you.”

The lieutenant chuckled “yes ma’am”

Meadow approached the ready room door and looked over her shoulder. “Wish me luck” as she knocked on the door.


“Aryanna, it’s Meadow” as she entered the captain’s ready room, made her way to the replicator, and ordered the captain’s usual morning Raktijino extra strong. She looked over her shoulder to see the captain sprawled out on the room’s couch. “You know you have quarters to do that in.”

“Yaaaa, I know. But this waiting has me on edge.”

“I can understand that, but I’m pretty sure the gamma shift crew can handle most things that come their way and if it was something they couldn’t I’m willing to bet they would have called for you.”

Aryanna sat up and ran a hand over her face and hair. “Hmmmmmmm, is this my counsellor talking or my first officer?”

“A little of both.” as she walked over and placed the captain’s raktajino on the coffee table. “You know you have built up a reputation amongst the Gamma shift bridge crew. Something about throwing a mug at someone checking on you.”

Aryanna chuckled. “Good, it will keep them on their toes. In addition, it was not a mug it was my boot. Damn ensign came into the room and didn’t say anything, scared the shit out of me.” As she reached and took a sip from the mug. ”Ahhhhhh”

“Well, the shifts are changing, figured you would want to know so you can get ready for the day. “As she looked at the captain’s obviously disheveled appearance.

“Guess I should. I will be on the bridge in a few minutes. Let me get a sonic shower and a fresh uniform on.”

Meadow got up and made her way out of the ready room, as she stepped back on the bridge. “Report lieutenant, anything new?”

“Nothing out of the usual ma’am. We continued to see sporadic scans of the ship from the array. But nothing else. No sign of any ships in the area.”

“Very well.” as she held out her hand and received the ring. “Have a nice night, lieutenant.”

She took a seat in the center chair as the gamma shift lieutenant stood, stretched and made his way toward the turbo lift.


“Captain, we have two ships dropping from warp, 1000 kilometers off the port side.”

Aryanna sat forward in her chair. “I was beginning to wonder if they would show up.”

“Captain, it’s the ZadkWak.” Sustram said from his console.


  • I enjoy the way this story draws on the crew’s experiences during the Lost Fleet crisis, while simultaneously forcing them back into what they left off on prior. That’s got to be one of the hardest things about a crisis, that when it’s over, you’re expected to just got to get back to normal… But can they? Or will they struggle on account of what they went through? The captain seems to recognize the risk (“have I given the crew enough time and space to mourn? I hope so”) but hope is a dangerous thing. And now they’ve got a problem to deal with!

    June 27, 2023