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Fafnir – 5

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One of the Breen ships moved slightly as it began to face toward the Dragon as the other approached the array.

“Captain, they are hailing us, no video voice only.”

Aryanna looked over at Meadow. “Well, it was your message.”

Meadow nodded “Put them through, ensign.”

“Ahhhh captain Kr’Antren it seems that you have been busy.”

Meadow looked at Aryanna with a raised eyebrow.”

“Capt Kr’Antren is no longer in command of the Dragon. Captain Rigras is now in command.”

“Ahhhh the Trill first officer from the last time we met, interesting.” The transmission went silent for a moment. “And who am I talking to now?”

“This is Lieutenant Bearsong the First Officer.”

“Ahhh, yours is the voice from the message.”

The view screen showed the bow of the Dragon facing the Chel Grett class cruiser as the both spun in what some would think was a synchronized dance but others would know it for what it was, not letting one get into a better position than the other.

“It is.”

“I’ve heard that Thot Griet is still quite upset about what you did to his fleet.”

Meadow looked at Aryanna and shrugged her shoulders. “Who is he? Don’t think we have talked to anyone recently with that name.”

“He is, well was, the commander of the fleet that you cleverly attacked without provocation.”

“Nope, don’t know him. So sorry to hear about that, though.”

“Quit playing games, we all know where you were several weeks ago. We have records of your warp signature throughout our southeastern region. No need to try to deny it.

“Oh, we don’t deny it. We just did not know who the leader of the fleet was. Commander Zeln, did you really think that when your people joined up with the dominions’ lost fleet and attacked the Deneb sector that the federation would not respond.”

“We expected it, we would be stupid not to. However, that is the past and today is the now. We are here today to discuss other… matters.”

“Indeed, I hope your friends are removing the weapon systems on that array.”

“Maybe they are, maybe they are not. Who’s to say?”

Aryanna looked at her console and pulled up a small split screen on the main view screen showing the other Breen ship approaching the array.

“I hope they are doing what needs to be done.”

“Who knows, I have my orders and they have theirs. My orders were to ascertain who had made the transmission and if possible see what their motives were. As I now know who made the transmission I am certain I can guess what you are here for. And let me warn you the Breen confederacy would not take too kindly to you or any other entity messing with something that does not belong to you.”

“Then we would i hope your friends have orders to either move said item or disable and remove the weapon systems on said item. If not we will have no choice but to enact the powers granted to us by the treaty which your confederacy agreed to.”

They hear something slam over the comms. “How dare you threaten us? Who do you think you are?  The Expanse belongs to no one, and you federations types had better watch out, you are after all, you are very far from help.”

Aryanna looks up from her console. “Commander, are you threatening us? I do not take threats lightly and as you have already mentioned you know what this ship and my crew are capable of doing.”

“Ahh the captain speaks, how nice of you to join us. Moreover, you may take that, as you will. I’m here to ascertain what your intentions are.”

Meadow gives the captain a nod. “We are here to make sure that your item does not cause an issue with anyone in the area. If we deem it a threat then we will treat it as one and make sure that it no longer poses a threat.”

A deep-throated chuckle is heard over the transmission. “What is the old earth saying, messing with a tiger’s tail only gets you the fangs. You may want to think about those next actions Captain and how the repercussions may be felt throughout the expanse.”

“Again, the threats.” Aryanna held up a hand toward Meadow to allow her to continue the conversation.

“Words are just that, words. Actions on the other hand are something else.”

“That is true Commander and let’s hope your actions today speak louder than the words you are currently spewing from that helmeted mouth of yours. If I were someone else, i would think that you are trying to divert my attention. I hope that is not the case, commander.”

“As I have already told you, they have their orders and I have mine. Which pertains to your ship and crew. You see you are something of an unknown and the confederacy does not like the unknown. Your actions spoke volumes for what type of fighter you are.”

“Sounds like we did our job then. Those are actions that I felt were the appropriate ones for the circumstances” Aryanna looked over at Meadow and then toward Scamandrius. Meadow nodded.

“Indeed. Some would say they were the means to an end, would they not? Enough to get the job done but no more than what was needed. The thing is, now you are on the confederacies radar, an unknown player on the chessboard, as you will. Moreover, we do not like not knowing who is on the board. “

“Ahhh just think of us as a pawn on the board then, not too valuable and expendable if the need is there.”

Another chuckle is heard over the transmission. “I think you are a bit more than that, captain. Moreover, we both know that. Now don’t we.”

Meadow approaches Aryanna and leans over “It looks like the other ship has taken position in close proximity to the array. Scamandrius and Zoltia both agree that it looks like they could be there for a couple of reasons, one being the reconfiguration for tow operations another being to upgrade/remove pieces.”

“Let’s keep a close eye on them.”

Meadow nodded and returned to the intelligence console.

“Commander, I can do this all day. However, I do have other things that I could be doing.”

“Such as”

“Paperwork, eating my breakfast, checking out a system that is close by. Just to name a few.”

“Ahhhhh. You know that is a Breen protectorate system. Are you looking for trouble, captain?”

“Not really, but my bosses said go look so I have to go look. You know make sure everyone is ok; no one is being made to do things they do not want… To tell the truth it is usually quite boring, having to check up on confederacy controlled systems. Always more paperwork then what it is worth. “

“That system is part of my normal patrol area, captain. I can assure you that everything is fine.”

“Good, then you won’t mind if we go take a look.”

“We just left there, everything is fine.”

“See now you have my attention. You are playing that everything is fine; we were just there, card. Which makes me question what you are playing at. Is everything fine? Is it not? What will I find? “

“You will find a system, with planets that follow the laws and mandates of the confederacy. That is what you will find.”

“So slaves and slave trading”

“That is our culture, the federation may frown on our culture but it is our way.”

“We saw your version of slavery; I doubt those people we saved on Deptrock six would agree.”

A slam is heard of the transmission. “I knew it, it was you.” A chuckle is heard. “Well, I will be adding that to my next report, I’m sure my higher ups would love to know who pulled that off.”