Part of USS Aztec: Scouts out and USS Dragon: Fafnir

Scouts out – 1

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Clapping and congratulatory yelling is heard outside of the Beyond bistro & cafe on the promenade of star base 47.

“Congratulations, Captain Kr’Antren.” is heard several times as a Caitian Starfleet officer in a gold tunic made his way out through the small crowd of similarly dressed individuals.

“Thank you”

A young human ensign made his way towards Kr’Antren with a PADD in hand. “Excuse me sir, i was told to deliver this to you by the Command office.”

“Thank you, ensign.”

Kr’Antren made his way over to a small table, sat down and looked at the PADD. Noticing that it was addressed to him and had a security level attached made him look around the bistro and shake his head. “Probably not the best place to look at this,” he said to himself as he stood and made his way out of the bistro.

“Computer, lights’ ‘ as he entered his office in the Task Forces operations center. Putting the PADD on the desk, he went to the replicator and got himself a tall glass of iced green tea. “So let’s see what Captain Taavik has for me.” He put down the glass next to the PADD, picked up the PADD and held his thumb to the surface.

“Pattern recognized, access is granted.”

 To: Captain Kr’Antren

As of star date 240104.02 you are hereby requested and required to take command of Dragon squadron, consisting of vessels USS Dragon, Inquiry-class, NCC-89882 and  the USS Aztec, Rhode Island-class, NCC-75480.

 Signed: Captain Taavik, commanding officer, Task Force 47

 Kr’Antren looked up at the ceiling and ran a hand through his beard as he started to read the information contained on the PADD. Taking note of his new office location and noting that he would still be part of the Task forces operations staff as the Dragon Squadron is seen as a valuable asset to operations with in the Thomar Expanse.

“New title, new office… Same job. Well not quite the same job.” he said to himself as he continued to read.


“USS Aztec, star base 47 flight control. You are cleared for docking in Charlie Gamma two-seven. Please watch the traffic as you approach. Welcome to Star base 47 and the Thomar Expanse.”

“Roger that flight control” The ensign sitting in the helm position said as they turned to face the lieutenant standing with arms crossed.” Sir, we are cleared to dock. Going to be a tight fit as it looks like we are going to be just beside and lower than an Olympic class.”

“Take us in, thrusters only ensign. Let us not scratch the paint. She isn’t ours you know.”

“Yes, sir” as the ensign turned back toward the main view screen.

“Good work on getting us here everyone, please have all finalized reports ready for me by the end of the day so that i can compile them for the new crew.”

Sir, have you heard anything on our requests yet?”

“I’ve had a few answers, yes. I was waiting until we finished before releasing the orders. But now is as good a time as any.” he picked up the PADD off the Captain’s chair, typed something and then tapped on the PADD. Recrossing his arms with the PADD still in his left hand as a couple dings were heard on the bridge. “That is it so far, I was hoping to hear more after we docked and I checked in with ops.”

They all watched on the main view screen as the ship approached their assigned berth looking up as they passed under the rear of the large hull of an Olympic class ship as the ensign carefully turned the ship toward port, as the station’s tractor beams brought them into the waiting clamps. “

“Sir, we are locked and secure.” the ensign said from the helm console.

The lieutenant tapped on his combadge.” Ruzguzee, you can power down the warp core when you are ready. Let the engineering crew know that their hard work was much appreciated. I believe several of them have already been notified of their next assignments.”

“Thank you lieutenant Rockholdt. If I may add, you did an excellent job during this shakedown cruise. I believe we have most of the kinks worked out of the main systems. Always some after a retrofit like this girl just went through.”

“Understood, can you meet me on the bridge once you are available? So we can go over these reports and make sure everything is as it should be.”

“Will do.”

The lieutenant looked around the bridge. ”Once your sections are secure and I have your reports you are free to report to your next assignments for those that have been assigned to the Aztec you may move your gear to the assigned rooms on your PADD. I will pass whatever information I am given towards the ship and its new crew once I have it. I’m sure it would be safe to assume you have the freedom to explore the station though.”


Roughly, an hour later the turbo lift opened to show a tall Saurian wearing the gold tunic of engineering, he pulled at the collar and moved his head around. “Still can’t get used to these pips.”

Rockholdt chuckled as he stood from the science console. “Well, chief, that’s what you get for deciding to unretire.”

“Yaaa, don’t remind me.” as he hands Rockholdt the PADD in his hands.

“You don’t need to hand me that Ruz.”

The saurian blinked several times as he looked at the lieutenant. “So, I’m guessing my orders arrived?”

“Just now, it looks like you will be staying aboard the Aztec as the chief engineer.”

The saurian nodded and held onto the PADD.

“Though there was a message for you to report to the operations office as there is someone who would like to see you.”

The saurian cocked his head sideways slightly.

“That’s all I was told.”


“Number one, please join me in my ready room” Talibah said as she tapped on her combadge.

Several minutes later, a middle-aged dark haired man entered her ready room and made his way toward one of the chairs.

“So what’s up?”

Talibah hands him a PADD. “Looks like I need to find a new number one. You have been recalled to star base 47. Looks like Kr’Antren needs you for something.

Eric dropped his head into his hands. “What did you do now, Tali?”

“Me, nothing. You everything. I just passed my recommendations for the crew to be considered for promotions in ranks and/or position.”

“No, no, no. I didn’t even want this.”

“I know, I know.” she held up her hands, but i had to give them some names and you were on the list.

“Fine, I’ll just tell him no thank you and I’ll stay on the Osiris.”

“You know him as well as I do, do you really think he will take no for an answer. And oh by the way he is a captain now.”

“Great, just great.” as he ran a hand through his hard

“We can’t change our course or deviate from our current mission so I have one of the runabouts being prepped to take you and a few others to 47.”

He stood and shook his head. “Guess I need to go pack.”

Talibah stood and offered a hand toward Eric, “Good luck Eric, hopefully we will see each other in the future.”

He accepted her hand and gave it a good shake “Thank you, captain.”