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Fafnir – 6

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Aryanna looked over at the comms office and held a finger to her lips, received a nod in reply and turned toward Bearsong. “Something is off, he is stalling. What are our other friends doing?”

“We can’t tell for sure, they could be getting ready to tow the array but right now they are holding position.”

Aryanna nodded, “He is waiting for us to make a move.” She tapped her gloved fingers on the armrest. “Viameli, how long will it take us to reach the Suelaiktnor system?”

“72 hours give or take a couple, Captain.”

She looked over at science. “About a week for the survey?”

“Yes ma’am. That should give us enough time.”

She turned back toward Bearsong and Scamandrius. “Should that be enough time?”

Bearsong stood and faced the main view screen as Scamandrius looked through his holo LCAR display. “Yes ma’am. Either it will be gone or it will still be here.”

“And if it’s still here in the same configuration we will have bigger issues to deal with.” As Aryanna turned back toward the main view screen.”

“Yes, ma’am”

Aryanna let out a deep breath, looked at the Comms fixer and pointed overhead as.”

“Commander, I believe we are at an impasse.”

“Ahhhh is that what you call this, both of us wanting something that neither can give. Yes, it would seem we are at such a place.”

“Indeed, we both know what the federation wants but what is it that you wanted? If I may ask.”

“Why that simple Captain. I wanted to test my ship, my crew and myself against the finest that Starfleet has to offer. Nevertheless, the little issue between our two groups has now been brought to an end. Sooo I shall not get my wish, for now. However, I do enjoy our little impromptu meetings. Maybe someday but not this day.”

“Well Commander, maybe someday. However, today we have another mission that is calling our name and we need to make our way in that direction. We will, of course, check back here when we are finished in roughly nine to ten federation standard days. We think that should give you plenty of time, should it not?”

“Time? Oh yes, the array. Like I said, they have theirs and I have mine. But I will certainly pass your message.”

“Please do, till later than Commander.”

“Yes, another time then”

The comms officer signals that the Breen ship ended the transmission.

“Viameli, set a course for the Suelaiktnor system.”



The crew of the Aztec watched as they came out of warp a few days out of the Suelaiktnor system, watched as the two stars slowly revolved. The view of a red dwarf star revolving around an inner blue dwarf was something to behold.

“Captain, welcome to the Suelaiktnor system. “ Darame said from the helms central lone U shaped console.

“Thank you, Darame. Tizor, so what are we looking at?”

“The main star of this system is Suelaiktnor, the blue dwarf in the center. The red dwarf is on an elliptical circular orbit that is roughly 500 earth years in length. The four planets are on elliptical orbits. The M- class planet is the second planet and from the information, we have sits barely inside the habitable zone for the system.

Eric nodded. “So, we start from out here and work our way in.”


Austin nodded as he stood and walked over to join Tizor at the science console.

“Starting with long range sensor sweeps, time to put this enhanced sensor suite to use finally.” Tizor said with a smile. “First things first, let’s check on this red dwarf star. Usually a planet in proximity to a red dwarf would not be habitable. I’m sure finding out what effect this has on this system’s planets would be of interest to someone.”

“Would distance play a part in that?” the science officer sitting at science two asked.


Austin looked at the data on the science console wall displays. “I’d be interested to find out why this red star has not picked up any celestial objects itself.”

“Could the blue dwarf be affecting that?” the other science officer asked.

“That’s one thing we can look into, for sure,” Tizor answered as she was looking at the holo LCARS display.

Austin tapped the display. “Well that’s interesting, it’s early still but it looks like the red dwarf is not on the same ellipsis as the rest of the system. The early data is showing that it may be roughly twenty degrees off.”

Tizor looked at the data and nodded in agreement, as the holo display changed the systems map to show this new data in the red dwarfs orbit. “Wonder how they missed that?”

Austin shrugged his shoulders.


“Captain, in the past forty eight hours we have been able to get an idea on the makeup of this particular system.” Tizor stood to the side of the briefing room’s view screen. “We can now say for sure that the red dwarf does have an orbital bath 21.25645 degrees outside of the system’s orbital plane. This circular orbit has taken and elongated the orbit paths of the four planets as its gravitational forces squeeze the orbits.”

“Did we find anything orbiting the red dwarf?”

“Yes sir, we found what looks like a very dense asteroid field at this orbit. We think that this may have been a planet at one time as the data has very large pieces at the core of the field and it does orbit the red dwarf.”

Austin looked at Eric”another thought we had was two celestial objects colliding at one time, as the field does go through the system’s other orbital path at this location.” A line appears between the third and fourth planet orbits.”

Eric sat forward in his chair as he looked at the data.

“Captain, of more interest is what we have picked up on long range sensors. Besides a large number of artificial objects in orbit around the second planet. We are picking up evidence of possible domed areas on the third planet.”

Eric sat up straight and looked at Tizor than at Austin who nodded in reply. “Hold on, are we sure? That should be technologically not possible at the stage we were told they were at.”

“We will need to get closer to say for sure.” Austin added

“How close? As I’m sure that colonization of other planets would be something that would definitely be something that called for closer inspection.”

Ruzguzee blinked several times. ”Indeed, it would. However, we are not seeing any signs of warp travel, so there is that to still consider.”

Tizor looked at her PADD and then at the Captain. “That’s where things get interesting. Seeing, as we would like to get more data on the habitable planet itself we were thinking of an orbit around the fourth planet’s third moon. We have discussed it with Lieutenant Ruzguzee and we believe that this location and the use of the newly retrofitted refractive shield system should make us invisible on any systems they may have.”

“Is the shield ready, Ruz?

“Yes, sir. We were able to run some tests using our shuttles over the past twenty-four hours and we believe we have the parameters set.”

Eric nodded “Very well, I would agree a closer look is needed