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Captain we have arrived at the Suelaiktnor system.”

“Thank you Viameli. Zoltia, so where do we start?”

“I would recommend long range scans and probes, at this time captain. Depending on what we find we can then decide on a further course of action.”

Aryanna nodded and motioned for her science chief to proceed.

Zoltia nodded and brought the other science bridge staff to her console for a brief meeting.

“Captain, we feel that a class two probe toward each star, a class seven toward the inhabited planet and a class three toward each of the other planets would be a good start to the survey.”

Aryanna pulled up the specs on the probes on her side console, after reading for a few minutes she nodded. “Agreed, those would make a good start and along with our sensor data should give us a good understanding of the system before we make any further decisions on how to proceed.”


“Captain, sorry for changing the subject but were we expecting anyone else to join us?”

“No, why”

“Well, according to the long range sensor a federation vessel arrived just over a week ago,”

“What? Who?”

Zoltia shook her head “Data is coming in now, looks like the USS Aztec a Rhode Island class. Warp signature shows that they arrived and I am not seeing one for them departing.”

“Are we showing them on sensors?”

Zoltia shook her head.

Aryanna turned to look toward Skagath.

“I’m seeing the same thing, no signs of debris or weapons fire.”

“So, where are they?”

Aryanna tapped at com badge “Meadow, its Aryanna. I’m going to need you on the bridge.”

“I’m just starting my next session, i can be up as soon as we are finished unless…”

“That will work”

Zoltia, go ahead and launch the probes, maybe they will pick up something we are missing. Make sure that call seven gives the planet a wide orbital pass. Last information we have on them is that they are circa 2100 earth technology wise so definitely able to pick up on strange signals in close proximity to them.”

“Yes ma’am” launching the probes now.

Aryanna looked toward science. “Still nothing?”

Zoltia shook her head then turned as one of the other science officers tapped on her shoulder and pointed toward the science 2 screen. “There, think we found something ma’am. We are finding a weak warp signature heading toward the fourth planet. Looks like they may have powered down their warp drive and went under impulse.”

“Skagath, how far are we from…”

“Three to four days, captain. I was just thinking the same thing. If the captain of the Aztec is, any good and they know what type of attention scout/survey vessel this close to the confederacy could garner. Then it would make sense to try and hide their warp signature.”

“Okay, so that explains the faint trail, but how come we can’t see them on our sensors?”

Scamandrius snaps his overly large fingers and chuckles. “Refractive shielding.”

“What, last I heard it was still under development and even then it was being scrutinized as being too close to being a cloak.”

“Hmmmm, it is similar but not quite the same if i understand it correctly, ma’am”

Skagath chuckled, “You can say that, again.”

“I mean, I read the reports and I know a few ships cobbled a preliminary one together during the Lost Fleet operation, but I hadn’t heard of anyone having one.”

“Well ma’am. The latest information I have from my contacts is that they are fielding it on a few ships as a test. Makes sense that they would put it on a scout.

“Even better if that ship has the survey/sensor systems that those Rhode Islands do.” Skagath added.

“Comms, open a hailing frequency.”


“It’s the Dragon, sir,” the comms officer said from their console.

Eric stood and straightened his tunic, as did Austin. “Put it on the main view screen”

“This is the USS Aztec, I’m Captain Mathisson and this is my executive officer Lieutenant Rockholdt.

A female trill wearing the pips of a commander is shown on the Aztec’s main view screen.

“I’m Captain Rigras of the USS Dragon, This is my exec Lieutenant Bearsong” She gestured toward another officer sitting just to her right. “We were under the impression that the survey of this system was given to us to complete as per our last set of orders.”

“Yes, a mutual friend in his new found capacity decided that this would be a good way for us to introduce ourselves since it seems we will be working together.” He saw Skagath at the Dragons tactical console and gave him a brief nod in recognition.

“A mutual friend you say.” Aryanna took a brief pause and then let out a long breath. “This mutual friend wouldn’t be a current task force operations officer would he?”

Eric chuckled, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Working together?  How so?” she asked as she retook her seat.

“Well ma’am it looks like that mutual friend of ours went and got himself promoted.”

“Oh geez and he went and got himself a new job to go with that promotion?”


“So what ship did he get?”

“None, well in a weird way he actually got two.”

“Aryanna sat up and looked at the Aztec’s captain. “Don’t tell me they gave him a squadron.”


All of a sudden Skagath started to chuckle.

Skagath looked at Captain Rigras “We are the other ship lass. It’s us and them.”

Aryanna looked at him “Took you long enough, I just wanted the captain there to say It.” as she motioned toward her view screen. “Captain Mathisson, let me guess the Dragon is the lead ship in the squadron?”

“Yes ma’am”

Captain Rigras nodded. “Well then, since we will be working together then may I suggest a meeting on the Dragon? Looks like I have a call to make, so how about tomorrow morning? It should give you plenty of time to make your way to our location.”

“We can do that; I’ll bring my science officer along so she can brief your team. We have made some interesting discoveries since we arrived. I will have them send the data to your team so that they can look it over. “

“That will be fine, unless you have anything else, we shall see you tomorrow morning captain.”

The main view screen went back to show the third moon of the fourth planet in the Suelaiktnor system. “Well, that went better than I expected. From what I have heard about our new squadron mates, I expected something a bit more from her.” as Eric turned toward Austin.

“I think she knew you were just the messenger, I’m willing to bet she is calling Captain Kr’Antren as we speak and will have plenty to say to him.”



Aryanna lets out a deep sigh as they exited her ready room. “Gotta give it to the man, he sure knows how to sell you on something.”

“That he does, though I still wonder at what he is playing at taking command of a squadron but running it from task force operations.”

“You heard him he thinks he can do more from there for the squadron then out here. At least he had the wherewithal to make me the squadron exec. Gives me some power to make decisions on the fly and as the mission dictates.”

“Gotta admit, Dragon Squadron does have a ring to it. Seeing as he left the operational side of things to you, what is the play now? “

“I think that depends on what the Aztec has found.”

They both retake their usual seats as the dragon ring is passed back to the captain’s hand, slipping it into a pocket she pats it as if to reassure herself. “Zoltia, did we get the data from the Aztec?”

“Yes, ma’am. There is quite a bit here. Still going through it all. The orbital information will change the maps for the system for sure. Still confirming their early data on the second planet and its populace’s technology level, something seems off.”

“Off? How”

“Well they are supposed to be circa 2100 earth, which would be pre warp but the Aztec is finding signs of substantial colonization of the third planet using domes. From the energy signatures those domes are using force field technology and their systems are giving power signatures akin to modern technology.”

Aryanna sits up when hearing this. “But the last survey had them prewarp?”

“Yes ma’am. And we do not show any warp signatures of any type in the system.”

“Hmmm so they are colonizing on a different planet which shows the energy signatures of a post warp technology.”

“Yes, ma’am”

Aryanna looked over at Meadow. “Well this just got interesting.”

“Hopefully, the probes will give us some more information as I think the Aztec took a stand off approach whereas we decided to go in.” Meadow said as she turned to look at her console. “Looks like we should get some preliminary reports from the class seven probe in about ten hours, so right before the meeting.”

“Speaking of which, have we seen the Aztec on our sensors yet?”

“No, captain.”


“Welcome to the Dragon, Captain.”

“Thank you, this is my Exec Lieutenant Rockholdt and my chief of science Ensign Cardawe.” as he points to the two individuals standing beside him.

Aryanna points out Lieutenants Bearsong and Zoltia who are already seated at the room’s table. “You may call me Aryanna as it looks like we are all in the same family now.”

Eric nodded “I’m Eric, this is Austin and Tizor”

For the next hour, they go through the Aztecs’ findings along with sharing the data that the probes have sent back so far.

“So now the question is, how did they get the technology? We can both agree that there are no signs of any other warp signatures in the system.”

Meadow stood and walked toward the room’s view screen pulling up an area map of the system and showing the closeness to the confederacies boundaries. “We did have an idea. What if they used a system much like earth did circa late 1900’s to the war. What if they used a system of sending radio frequencies into space? With their closeness to the confederacy it would only be a matter of time before the Breen would have heard them.” she looked at the group as she spoke. “What if those signals were responded to by the Breen?”

Tizor looked at her PADD and then stood to go to the view screen. “It is possible, especially if it was a ship that heard the signal first. Especially if the Breen knew about the inhabitants and were waiting or watching for some sort of signal.”

Eric nodded and looked at Aryanna” it’s not like the Breen live by or use the prime directive, so they could do whatever they wanted if they thought there was some advantage to them. Question is what is their end game? What are they after? If they gave them some technological information why not give them all of it.”

Zoltia joined the other two at the screen. “Maybe they figured they weren’t ready for warp travel? Maybe they were more advanced in other systems versus interstellar travel?”

Aryanna sat back “why get involved at all, then? Zoltia, Is there anything on the third planet where they have built the domes?”

“That data is starting to come in now.” as both Zoltia and Tizor look at their PADDS as they discuss the data between them.

“Interesting, not sure how this will help but the probe is picking up traces of duranium. Not sure how much yet, but there does seem to be the possibility that there are minable quantities on the planet” Tizor says as she looks up from her PADD.

“Well,” Meadow said as she retook her seat next to her captain. “That makes things interesting.” As she starts to type on her PADD. “There are still too many possibilities though. How do you enslave a populace without letting them know they are enslaved?”

Eric sat up in his chair “Now, that’s an interesting question. Do you think…?”

Meadow takes a breath and looks at her PADD. “It makes sense, but how? How would the Breen benefit? If the inhabitants don’t have the ability to deliver?”

“Well that would be the part to figure out, how does one share information for one’s gain without giving the information that would help both parties.”

Zoltia went back to her seat “In this instance too much information would be a bad situation for the confederacy if they were trying to keep a populace under their thumb.”

“So are we saying that the confederacy is in fact enslaving this world without having direct control over them? That would be a new one for them.” Aryanna says from her seat.

“It makes sense captain, why use resources if you don’t have to?” Austin added

Aryanna tapped her gloved hand on the table “Indeed. So where do we go from here?”

“Ma’am, do we get the Angels to prepare the arrows, see if we pick up anything a few days out of the system.”

“That’s an idea, maybe they can pick up something up that we are missing.” as Aryanna tapped on her comrade. “Commander Thornton, join us in the bridge briefing room, please.”

Several minutes later, the doors open as a human officer in a black flight suit enters and takes a seat. “What can the Angels do for you today?”

Aryanna spends a few minutes to bring him up to speed, “Sure, we can do that. Give us a few hours to prep the shuttles and get the crew together.”

Aryanna nodded as he stood and left the room.