Part of USS Dragon: Abeloth – Aftermath and Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

ABELOTH – Aftermath – 1

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The security briefing room slowly filled up with personnel as a security all hands meeting was called for the end of alpha shift. Many entering the room noticed the small group of officers to include Lieutenant Yatokii and the Captain standing around the podium located at the front of the room.

“Give it a few more minutes, lieutenant and we will start.” Aryanna said as she returned several pleasantries directed toward her.

“Yes, ma’am”

“Do we have everything, lieutenant? As she turned toward the newly promoted lieutenant Thorn.

“Yes ma’am” as she placed several boxes on the podium out of sight of the growing crowd.

Aryanna placed her PADD on the podium and arranged it so she could see what was on the main screen. As she looked around the room and noticed that, the flow of personnel entering had slowed down to a few stragglers she nodded toward Lieutenant Yatokii.

 Yatokii stepped forward and held up a hand to get the attention of the assembled personnel. “At ease, I know it is the end of the shift but we have a few things that need to be completed today. I promise to not take up too much of your time.”

“First thing, as of 0700 this morning Obsidian has been activated as the special missions team. As per the captain’s request, I have agreed that the head of security cannot lead a team such as this and conduct the duties inherent with my role. So with that being said let me introduce the new team leader for Obsidian. Chief Samples, Please join us up front.”

A middle aged human in engineering yellow steps forward.

Aryanna stepped up to the podium.

Yatokii blinked and then turned back toward the room “Master Chief’s Ngiazav and Ukogh, front and center.” The crowd watched as a Klingon and Orion in security red stepped forward.

”Master Chiefs, it seems that we have a situation. I have been reading your files today and it seems that an injustice has been done. Therefore, we are going to rectify that. Due to your experience and knowledge and the leadership abilities that you have shown it is my duty and honor to promote the three of you to the rank of Lieutenant junior grade effective immediately.” She reached into the cubicle behind the podium and pulled out three black boxes. “Lieutenant Yatokii.”

Yatokii stepped in front of the former Chief Samples and removed the chief’s rank as he sidestepped in front of Ngiazav and Ukogh, repeating the process.

Aryanna stepped in front of Lieutenant Samples, opened the first black box in her hand, pulled out the lieutenant’s pips, and handed the box to lieutenant Thorn. She pinned the new rank onto the collar of Samples and shook his hand “Congratulations Lieutenant.” She repeated the process two more times.



“Meadow, we have been asked to help with resettling the refugees from Deptrock six along with others.”

“Interesting, any ideas on how we proceed with this?” Meadow asked as she sat back into the chair in front of the captain’s desk.

“It was suggested that we look at resettling them on planets that were hit the hardest by the Lost Fleet.”

“Hmmmmmmm, going to be a bit tougher than just showing up and asking the planet’s leaders to take in some refugees, I would think. It’s going to take some discussions to get them on board.”

Aryanna chuckled. “That’s why we have you.”

Meadow looked over the glass of water she was bringing to her lips, took a sip and set it back down on the edge of the desk.

“Captain, priority message from Farpoint Station.” came over the internal comms

“Send it to my console.”


Captain Rigras, in addition to the refugee resettlement that the Dragon has been tasked with. We would like you to undertake an exploration and information gathering mission. You are tasked with going deep into the former dominion controlled space and seeing what is out there. We want to know what they left behind, find it and send the information back so that we can send others to study it.


Aryanna sat back in her chair. “Well that changes things.”

“Indeed, though I can see why they have asked it of us. We came through that battle in fairly decent shape, looking at the reports others did not fare so well.”

Ayanna tapped her gloved fingers on the desk as she thought about the task that was just given to them. Tapping on her combadge. “Viameli, set a course for Farpoint station.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Looks like we have a new set of mission parameters, I for one would like to handle the refugees first. However, I can see why command would want us to handle the new task first. But I just do not feel right going into the unknown with those refugees onboard.”

“I would have to agree with you on that, we do not know what is out there. I am sure that was not all of the lost fleet that we faced. Plus, who knows what the Breen are up to let alone other factions that may try to move into the region to fill the power vacuum.”

Aryanna typed something on her console as a map of the Deneb region came up on the room’s view screen. “The question now is where to start? How can we knock out two birds with one stone as the saying goes?”

Meadow stood and approached the view screen taking a minute to look it over and then turned toward Aryanna. “It all depends on which way we decide to go first, exploring dominion space or refugees?”

Aryanna looked at the map and then tapped the table with a closed hand. “Damn it, I’m sure I’m going to hear about this later. Refugees.” she nodded “Yes, we will go with the refugees first once we have them settled we can then direct all of our attention to the other task.”

“Computer, using the latest information, mark the planets that the Breen/Lost Fleet enslaved or took over during the conflict.”

Several pinpoints of light appeared on the map.

“Well, take your pick.”

Aryanna held up a hand. “Computer, mark the last known boundaries of the Dominion controlled space within the Deneb region.”

A ghostly white cloud appeared on the map stretching, in a crescent shape, from in front of the Breen territory to the area around Cait and Starbase 514.

“Izir was the first planet they hit, maybe a good place to start.”

Meadow looked at her PADD. ”The Nasera system may also work, though Izir allows us to knock out two birds with one stone. According to all reports Izir took some heavy losses when the dominion showed up, so they may be a bit more amicable to taking in refugees.”

“So it sounds like we have a path forward, pick up the refugees at Farpoint and head toward Izir.”

Meadow stood and pulled her tunic into place. “Not to add keeping our eyes and ears open.”

“Indeed” Aryanna added as she shut down the main view screen and stood making her way toward her ready room’s entrance.


  • Those who endured servitude on Deeptrok Six have been through so much. While they are now free, they are also almost certainly disoriented. This sets up a story of optimism, of helping them find new purpose, but it won’t all be smooth sailing. You raise a good point with the fact that it’s “going to be a bit tougher than just showing up and asking the planet’s leaders to take in some refugees.” On one side, after the lives lost during the recent conflict, the colonies might welcome the assistance, but on the other, history has shown that refugees can also strain a society, especially if it has cracks. And the post-TLF Deneb Sector certainly has those. I am excited to see how Captain Rigras and her staff navigate this mission of compassion… And then, of course, they also get a completely orthogonal set of instructions from Command to go explore while they’re at it. I think Rear Admiral Grayson would agree with the order in which Captain Rigras has prioritized her objectives, but I can’t say the same for Captain Takato, our fiery TFXO who has her eyes set on the frontier. Great opener! Keep the stories coming!

    August 31, 2023