Part of USS Dragon: Abeloth – Aftermath and Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb


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Dr. Shoji M’gok stood in the receiving area of Farpoint station’s medical offices and approached the young officer in blue sitting at the console/table a few feet within the entrance.

“I’m here to speak to whoever is in charge of the refugees.”

“Who may I say is calling?” the officer asked without looking up from the console’s screen.

“Dr. M’gok of the Dragon.”

“I’ll let them know you are waiting, doctor, please wait here.” as he gets up and walks toward the hallway on the room’s left hand side.

Several minutes later, he returned, leading another officer in blue.

“Dr. M’Gok, this is Lieutenant Sandler, he will escort you to the refugee operations offices.”

“Thank you.” she looked at the Lieutenant “Dr. M’gok of the Dragon here to discuss the care plans of the refugees that we have been tasked with finding a home for.”

“Ahhh, please follow me Doctor.” the Lieutenant turned and started down the hallway without looking back.

A few minutes later they entered a large room with what looked like roughly a dozen more offices and larger rooms branched off it.

“Welcome to the refugee operations center, as you can see this was put together rather quickly. We had to scramble to find enough medical and counselling personnel and to help with the sudden influx of refugees that we have taken in.”

They walk toward a central large table with several console stations. The Lieutenant took a seat at one bringing up the console’s screen. “Hmmmmm, the Dragon you say. Yes, here it is. Oh you brought in the Deptrock six group.”

“Yes, yes we did. How are they doing?”

The Lieutenant brought up a holo display so that Dr. M’gok could see the same thing that he was looking at. “Overall, they are making progress. Most of them will require some sort of counselling for the foreseeable future but medically they look pretty good for what they have been through.”

The doctor read the information using a finger to track where she was. “As you could imagine we were not set up on the Dragon for this number of refugees but we did the best we could.”

“Yes ma’am. Few ships are. It looks like the Dragon has been assigned the Deptrock six group and another smaller group. Roughly three thousand souls.”

Dr. M’gok let out a long breath. “That’s more than I think the captain was expecting. I’ll have to let her know right away so that preparations can be made.” she stepped back a couple of feet and tapped her combadge. “Captain, Dr. M’Gok”

“Yes, doc.”

“Ma’am, looks like we have been assigned two groups including the refugees that we brought in, roughly three thousand souls in total.”

Aryanna let out a long breath. “Very well, we will use the Wings to house most of them. I will start getting the area ready. I’ll talk with the station’s operations staff about getting some more supplies, let me know if your department will require anything additional.”

“Yes, ma’am. We will be spread thin with them on board, maybe see if we can get some temporary personnel.”

“I’ll see what I can do from my end, may I suggest asking around yourself.”

“I’ll ask, they are stretched thin themselves. Doctor M’gok out.”

For the next few hours, Doctor M’gok made her way around refugee operations, getting updates on the refugees, both medical and mental conditions, and asking if there were any personnel available to help them.



“I wanted to discuss our next mission with you all. “ Aryanna said from her chair in the command briefing room.

“First things first, over the next forty-eight hours we will be taking on refugees from the Lost Fleet operation. We will be housing them in the wings and wherever else Doctor M’gok deems appropriate for their needs.”

She looked toward Sustram “You will need to get with station operations about getting additional supplies; I do not want to tax our replicator system so anything we can get from the station would be appreciated.”

“Yes. Ma’am. May I ask how many refugees? It’ll give me an idea on what we will need and how much of it we will need.”

Dr. M’Gok looked at her PADD. “Currently, we are looking at just over three thousand.”

Several sighs were heard around the table as several of the officers realized just what was ahead of them.

“So as you can imagine things will get crowded for a short time. We are already working on resettlement plans for them, and we have reached out to several governmental entities.”

Meadow looked at the Captain, “Yes, about that. It looks like the only one that will even consider taking in this number of refugees will be the Izar system. However, it is not a done deal. Looks like they will want to discuss things further upon our arrival.”

Aryanna nodded, “Well, we did discuss this the other night when we were making our preliminary plans.”

“I have started discussions with the diplomatic offices on the station for any information they may have that will help us in this particular matter.”

“Good, good. Onto the second part of the mission. Well some would say it is our primary mission. We have been tasked with exploring the formerly Dominion held territories. Looking for anything, they may have left behind. Scamandrius?”

“Yes ma’am. The heavyset intelligence officer leaned forward in his chair. The Izar system being open to taking in the refugees will actually help us in this particular matter. The intelligence gathered during and after the lost fleet operation points to the fact that Izar was one of the first if not the first planet to be attacked by the Dominion. With that being said, Captain, it would be a good place for us to start looking. It would make sense that there must have been some sort of infrastructure put in place for their attack on the region and we, as in the intelligence community, believe that it would be relatively close to Izar.”

“That’s still a lot of space to cover.” Viameli adds

“We could use the arrows; send them out while the Dragon is at Izar taking care of the refugee situation. Use them to scout out possible locations. They would fit that type of role quite nicely,” Commander Thornton suggested.

Aryanna nodded at this idea “Maybe for short range, let’s not forget that the Aztec is currently in route and should be meeting us at Izar.

“I was thinking of using probes originally, but with the Aztec joining us. “ Scamandrius shrugged. “As the captain has said we could use the Arrows to investigate anything that is only a few days out. Doing that will give us a chance to weed out the locations that may not be what we are looking for, plus it would allow the Aztec to explore more area.”

“Be that as it may, anything out there may give us information that we do not already possess on what the dominion was planning. We take our time and prioritize all targets. If the Arrows can help us work through those targets, all the better.”

“Any idea on how long we will be at Izar, Captain?”

Aryanna looked over toward Meadow.

“At least a week, maybe longer, it will all come down to what the Izar government wants in order for them to take in the refugees.”

Several of the officers sit back in their chairs as they ponder what this would mean for the mission’s time frame.

“Not going to be a quick one, is it?” Skagath adds

“Are they ever?” Yatokii replies from beside him.

“One could always hope for a quick and easy one from time to time.” Skagath says under his breath.

Those within hearing give a slight chuckle.

“We will schedule our departure for seventy-two hours from now, Dr. M’Gok let us know if there is anything you need in regards to the refugees and their needs. I want you to work with the XO in their care and resettlement.” she looked at her PADD. “I understand you were able to get some more medical and counselling officers to be temporarily assigned to us, will it be enough for our needs?”

“Not entirely ma’am. Even with their help we will be thin.”

Aryanna nodded at hearing this and then steeple’d her hands under her chin as she thought for a second. “I’ll see what I can do, but I doubt it will help. I’m willing to bet that what you were able to get is probably what they had available.”

“True.  We will do the best we can with what we have, Captain.”

“Very well then, you all understand what our mission is and what lays ahead.  Do what you can to prepare the ship and crew. If you have any questions or thoughts please bring them to Meadow or myself.”