Part of Starbase Bravo: 2401: Mission 2

First time on a Starbase

Docking ring, Starbase Bravo, Level 675
Sept 12, 2041
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Cole exited the airlock and got his first look inside Starbase Bravo. Man. He thought it looked huge outside. It was a lot bigger on the inside. And never mind this being the biggest station he’d ever been on. It was the first. He was blindly walking down the walkway and slowly spinning in circles every few steps in order to look around. 

How does anyone find their way around here? he thought.

He had a schematic on the PADD he carried but the image did not do justice. He looked around for a console that could possibly assist him. He knew he had to locate his quarters and report in to his new Department Head, who he believed to be a one Lieutenant Commander Peri Anya

Cole continued to be awe of the amount of space here. Seven hundred decks and a possibility of up to two hundred thousand people at any given time. It was no wonder they required such a massive security force. 

When he first heard about the assignment back in the Academy, there had been roughly fifty people asking for it. There were at least thirty of those people on the transport he had taken here but he wasn’t sure how many had been Security like himself.

He caught glimpse of a station layout on a wall console and made his way over. Entering his information, he discovered that his assigned quarters were on deck four fifty two. It made sense to be there. It wasn’t too far from the Promenade decks that he was quite sure he would spent most of his time being on patrol.

“Right then. And I am currently on deck six seventy five. Thank the Prophets for turbolifts.” he said as he checked the map for the closest lift and made his way to it. It was currently eighteen twenty hours and he was scheduled to report in first thing in the morning. Time to find his bed, shower and crash out until then.