Part of Starbase Bravo: 2401: Mission 2

Reports, Reports, Reports

Security Office, Starbase Bravo
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Cole sat at the console and typed up his report about the Cochran incident while it was still fresh in his mind. It had been by pure luck that he had been near the Workroom while patrolling the shipyards. He felt his response time had been very good. What he wasn’t pleased about was how the hologram had adapted to his fighting skills and had been able to toss him around like a rag doll. He had made a mental note to get his ass back into the gym and train some more.

As he typed, he found himself thinking about the young science officer. He hoped she would be alright. He also was secretly hoping he would see her again.

Complis Libran. He thought to himself.

He slightly shook his head to bring his thoughts back to the business at hand. He needed to get his report done and get back out on patrol. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be any more hologram issues tonight.