Part of USS Dragon: Abeloth – Aftermath and Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb


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“Blue three, you’re with me. Blue two and four. Take the outer ring of the area; we will take the inner. If you find anything, mark it for the Aztec.

“Roger, that blue leader. Going to look at that item at coordinates 80 mark 20. Looks to be a rather large piece of whatever this was.”

“Be careful and keep your eyes on a swivel.”

“Yes, sir.”

The Andorian lieutenant watched as the two other Valkyrie fighters peeled off from the four-ship formation. “Ok, Tom, what do we have?”

“I’m still not showing anything on the scans, odd still not reading any weapon energy signatures. Hold on got something, it’s faint though.”

“What is it?” as he could hear the ensign tapping on his console located behind him.

“Not sure, it is faint and small. I do not think it is an energy source. Too small for that. “

“Well let’s go take a look, won’t figure it out just sitting here.” as the fighter surges forward and goes into a climbing turn.”

“Damn, whatever this was, it would have been at least the size of a Vision class. Judging from the size of the debris.,” the Andorian pilot said as he bobbed and weaved his way through the debris field.

”Aztec – Dragon, are you receiving the data?”

“Aztec is receiving, so is the Dragon. Lieutenant Scamndrius says he would agree with your assessment lieutenant.”

The Andorian nodded as he brought the fighter to a stop at the coordinates that his Weapons System Officer had given him.

“Ok, then. Let’s see what we have.” Tom said as he started pulling up the data.


The team in the Dragons intelligence lab was huddled around the main central console as the data started to build a 3D representation of the debris field on the lab’s main display.

“Looks like we have a large puzzle here.” the Ensign in science blue stated as he leaned over the console to take a closer look. “If this is a station where is engineering? That should be where the core is.”

“True, but look at this, no energy signature of the magnitude needed to power a station.” The display started to cycle through the larger pieces of debris as it checked and cross-checked for known dominion energy signatures.”

“According to the data it was powered, as we can now see the remnants of a power signature, but it is so faint.” a lieutenant in engineering gold stated. “We think the multiple faint signatures that the Angels found might have been some sort of scuttling charge. Set to break up the station into smaller pieces, though we think that not all of them were set off hence why we have some larger pieces still here.”

“That would make sense.” Lieutenant Scamandrius sat in one of the chairs located behind the console and ran a hand over his face and hair. “Computer, can you rebuild the station using the data to extrapolate the approximate location of all the pieces.” They watched as the computer started to try to piece the puzzle back together. “This may take a bit.” as he looked at the team around him. So what else do we have? I need to tell the captains something.”

“Well, sir. If we could figure out a way to make them safe. These three pieces, “as three of the larger pieces highlighted on the display. “Could be large enough to warrant away team investigations. Of course, they will need to be in environmental suits. We believe that this one here “one of the pieces flashed as he typed on the console. “Might be of interest as it seems like there are quite a few remnants of energy signatures, now that we know what to look for, that seems to be centralized in this general area.” a red dot appeared over a location within the debris piece.

“Well, that’s a start.” Scamandrius made a note on his PADD.

They watched as the computer busily tried to fit pieces together, spinning pieces and the overall display along multiple different axis.

“Anything else”

“Not at this time, till we can get someone over there we are just trying to put the pieces together,” the lieutenant in engineering gold said.

“One thing for sure,” an ensign in science blue said from beside Scamandrius. “We don’t think this was meant to be a permanent station or if it was it was meant to be built off of.”

“How so?” Scamandrius said as he looked at the Ensign.

“Simple logistics sir, they could only bring what they could carry or pull. Therefore, this had to be some sort of kit. And you would have had to take its crew from the ships that brought it, so it probably did not have that big of a crew onboard…”

Scamndrius held up a hand and looked around the team. “This could explain something. Let’s work this angle, shall we”

“Computer, show us all known warp signatures in the area.”

They watched as lots of warp signatures and trails populated the map area around the probable station being pieced together. “Take out the Aztec’s, Dragons, and Angel’s signatures.” they watched as the strongest signatures disappeared from the display. “Now, using the known data on the dominion and their energy type show us the oldest known signatures.”

They watched as roughly four signatures were left around the area of the debris field.

“Sir, those are not the typical battleships of the dominion. I don’t recognize the ship class.” an ensign in security gold stepped forward and looked at the data via the central console.

“Well, we always figured that they had to have more than just the ones we faced in battle.”

“Those ships seem rather large don’t they?” another science officer in blue asked.

“They do.” the engineering lieutenant stated. “Larger than our California classes, maybe more akin to an engineering spec Olympic class.”


Scamandrius stood next to the display in the Captain’s ready room as he went through the latest information that his intelligence team was able to put together.

“So as we can see, what we have here is the remnants of a small but decently sized station. The information we have been able to gather, with the help of the angels and the Aztec has placed its size to be near to our Vision class station, maybe a bit larger. We think that these five pieces could be of interest in regards to further investigation.”

Aryanna leaned forward in her seat “What type of investigations are we talking about, away teams?”

Scamndrius nodded, “Yes, these three are big enough that away teams wearing environmental suits should be able to gain entrance.” as three of the larger pieces popped out of the larger overall picture. This one is of particular interest due to their being remnants of energy signatures converging within it.” one of the pieces glowed slightly brighter than the other two.

Eric, captain of the Aztec, looked at his PADD. “Do you think this is the engineering section?”

Scamandrius shrugged “I for one cannot say for sure, it’s one reason why we have picked that section out as a possible mission target. We have asked Chief Zhaishi to have a look at the data as we still have no energy signatures of size or strength to be the station’s primary energy source.”

Eric nodded, “Have they had any ideas?”

As he asked, the door chime sounded announcing someone asking to enter the room.

“Enter, ahhh speak of the devil.” the Dragons Orion chief engineer entered the captain’s ready room.”

“So what did I miss? Did scama tell you? We think we might have figured out why we haven’t found a power core for this station.”

Aryanna and Eric looked at each other.


“What if the station didn’t have one? At least not in this phase.”

Eric stood and walked toward the display. “What are your thoughts?”

“A multi-phase build. When we went back through the data and looked at the puzzle, we found several open junction points that seemed to not be completed.”


“Another idea is that a station of that size may not need a power core or computer core of its own, what if they borrowed one so to speak.”

“Are you thinking that they powered the station with one or more of these ships?”

“It’s a working theory, sir. Look what happens if you fast-forward the warp signatures in the area. You will notice that over the lost fleet operation, two of the ships stay while the others leave at different times. Then the last two ships leave roughly a week after the battle at Farpoint.”

“Well, that would explain some things.”

“As I’m sure Scama has already mentioned, we believe that this section here. “She pointed at the highlighted section. “Was or is the start of the station’s engineering section, you’ll notice that there are quite a few power junctions in this section and we found several infrastructure junction points in this area.” She looked at the two captains and took a seat on the room’s couch beside the Scamandrius.

Eric returned to his seat and took a sip from the tall glass on the desk.

“She builds an interesting case for that section, Aryanna.”

Aryanna nodded “So Eric does the crew of the Aztec want to handle that particular piece and the Dragon will handle the other two.”

“We can do that.”

“Zhaishi, I want you to coordinate from here.”

“Yes, ma’am”

“We will use shuttles to carry the teams over to the sections if that works for you, Eric.”

Eric nodded and tapped on his combadge. “Lieutenant Rocholdt, prepare an away team for extravehicular activities. Dragon will be coordinating with Lieutenant Zhaishi in charge.”

“Roger, team makeup?”

“Let’s go with engineers, I would prefer a structural engineer to be on the team along with someone good with power generation systems. We have questions that we need to find answers to.”

“Yes, sir”

“Well, I guess this would be a good time to notify command. Let them know what we have found.” Aryanna said as she looked at the small group in her office.

“I think we have enough information to get the ball rolling from their end.” Eric nodded from his seat as he typed on his PADD.

“Captain, we may have to start thinking about what comes next. We know that other entities are looking for things such as this. I’m sure sooner or later we will get noticed by someone, especially with those Ferengi already in the area.” Scamandrius said.

“Good point, Lieutenant.”

Aryanna leaned forward in her chair and started to type something on her console, after several minutes she spun it toward Eric so he could read the message and add anything he thought might be needed. Taking a minute or two to read the message, he nodded.

“Looks good to me.”