Part of USS Sausalito: Where in the World is………..Everyone

Another Place, Another Time

Jurassic Period
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“What the hell is that thing!” Commander Tod yelled as they both ran for their lives.

“I have no idea.” replied Declan. “But the damn thing looks like an overgrown Gorn.”

It felt like they weren’t making any progress as they ran through the dense trees. Where they had to zig and zag around them, the Tyrannosaurus Rex that was chasing them just plowed right over them.

The two Starfleet Officers had no idea where they were or even how they had gotten there. Both had been in separate parts of the USS Sausalito when they had begun the investigation of an unknown anomaly.

As they were running for their lives, Lorilen couldn’t help but to think about her crew mate. So not only do I end up wherever the hell this is, but I also end up there with him of all people. It couldn’t have been anyone else on the ship?

She was brought back to the present by O’Conner yelling again. “There!” he said as he pointed ahead of them.

Lorilen looked forward and saw what he was pointing at. The mouth of a small cave. They picked up speed and practically dove in as they approached. Their pursuer followed them all the way and attempted to force its head into the opening. Luckily, there was no way it would fit, and it gave up a few moments later.

The First Officer and the Chief Medical Officer sat there for a moment and took the time to catch their breaths.

The silence was broken by Declan. “So. How’s Leana doing?” he asked.

Commander Tod sighed heavily and turned toward the man. “Really? We don’t know where we are, how we got here, what that exactly that thing was chasing us or how we’re going to return to the ship, and that’s what you want to talk about?”

“Well. The only time I can find out anything about her is when I get the information from you.” He began. “She talks to me occasionally, but you still haven’t told her that I’m her father. She’s fourteen now. Don’t you think she’s old enough to know?”

A loud noise outside caught their attention and silenced them. They both hoped it wasn’t the creature returning. Suddenly, there were two distinctly different roars. It was far enough off that they ventured toward the cave mouth and glanced out. There was, indeed, the creature that had chased them and another that was roughly the same size but a second species. And they didn’t seem happy to see each other. They suddenly attack one another very aggressively.

Tod and O’Conner stood there, watching the very brutal battle. Something in Lorilen made her wonder if that was how she and Declan seemed to others when they argued over their daughter. She turned her attention back to the Doctor.

“Listen. If we get out of this, we’ll sit her down and talk to her, okay?” she asked. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is time she knew.”

“Thank you.” was Delcan’s response before they turned back to watch the fight. They didn’t get to see much more of it as they were enveloped in a bright light and then both were back on the Sausalito. Back as if nothing had ever happened.