Part of USS Sausalito: Where in the World is………..Everyone


Bridge, USS Sausalito
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Being between missions, the USS Sausalito was tasked with collecting scientific information from the remnants of Romulus. A thorough Geological scan produced an unknown anomaly and the crew moved in for a closer look. As they approached, a light shot out and seemed to be scanning the ship and crew itself but none of the readings from the ship’s monitors showed anything different. Now they had a mystery on their hands. What caused the scan? Was there some sort of ship hiding inside the anomaly? Captain Krolo ordered shields and made the decision to move closer, albeit ever so slowly.

As the Sausalito got closer, the scan stopped, and everything seemed normal for several minutes. Suddenly, an ear-piercing hum began to emit from the anomaly and a loud gasp from the rear of the Bridge caught everyone’s attention. They all turned around just in time to see their Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant Evens, vanish right before their eyes.

“Lieutenant T’Shan disappeared as well, Sir!” called out a junior officer as he pointed toward the Science station.

The captain’s head snapped that way as well. Without any further notice, the remaining members of the bridge crew began blinking out of existence, one by one.

The intercom suddenly came to life.

“Medical to Bridge. Captain, Doctor O’Conner has suddenly vanished. One minute he was here and the next……”

The transmission abruptly ended, and Alen could already imagine what had happened. Before he could complete his next thought, he was enveloped in a bright green light. When he next opened his eyes, he was sitting at a table next to his Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant T’Shan, who had vanished earlier. They both sat up straight and began looking around with eyes wide open.

“Where the Hell are we?” he asked rhetorically. 



  • What an intriguing first story! The suspense and mystery sure got me begging for more! I'm eager to find out where the crew has ended up and what caused their disappearance.

    September 28, 2023