Part of Starbase Bravo: The Wreck of Us and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

New Horizons

Starbase Bravo Academy Campus
June 2401
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As Cal-Dorn took his first steps off of the shuttle he couldn’t help but smile at his first deep space assignment. Though being back on a Starbase brought with it a looming sense of dread. Unconsciously running his fingers over the scars of Borg prosthetics that now laced the fingers of his right hand.

His first rotation as a cadet had been with the Advanced Operations Center on Earth. Months spent cooped up in a lab in San Francisco analyzing the effectiveness of multispectral phasers against various shield harmonics. Everyday craving the opportunity for even the slightest change to the monotony, anything to add some excitement to his life. When it came time to install the new phasers for further testing in orbit Cal had jumped at the chance. Thriving in the upbeat atmosphere of Sol Station. 

Saw the legendary Enterprise-F depart on Frontier Day and that’s where his memories of the day ended. At some point in his assimilation aboard the station had had suffered severe plasma burns. His left arm needing to be amputated below the elbow. The limb had already been replaced with a biosynthetic one but Cal knew it was still not the same.

Shaking the memory from his mind, he followed the lieutenant assigned to collect him and continued through the doors to begging his tour of the station. 

The Lieutenant seemed nice enough but visibly annoyed about being on cadet tour guide duty. As the pair entered Delta Sector Cal couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer scale of the station’s extensive shipyards.

”one day…“ he mumbled to himself looking over the ships in various stages of construction or refitting, before jogging to catch up with his guide whom had moved on without him.

”And this is the academy campus, you’ll find your dorm assignment and class schedule on this pad. Welcome to Starbase Bravo“ The lieutenant had hardly finished their sentence and fake smile before handing Cal the pad and walking off grumbling about what an insult to his rank playing tour guide was.