Part of Starbase Bravo: The Wreck of Us and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Always A Day Late

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Cole sat at a table in The Gate Inn and had ordered a drink from Terry. The barkeep had brought the drink and had picked up on Cole’s demeanor.

“Everything alright, Cole?” he asked the young Ensign.

Cole placed his glass on the table and looked up.

“I’ll be okay, Terry. Thanks for asking.” he replied. “Just need some me time.”

Terry nodded his understanding and went back to work.

Cole had been a senior at the Academy when Frontier Day had happened and gad arrived at Starbase Bravo shortly afterwards. Now he was hearing rumors of more Borg action and had been in the middle of an important investigation when the Exeter had taken some volunteers and left out to do some investigating of it’s own. It wasn’t that he was an action junkie, he knew the job he did on the base was important. And he was apparently doing it well seeing as he had just been promoted up to Investigations Officer. He was just feeling a bit down about himself that he wasn’t able to do more. It wasn’t like much was going to happen on the base.