Part of USS Columbia: Too Many Pieces and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Into the Fire

Residential Halllway
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The trip from Earth to the USS Columbia hadn’t taken Ashton as long as he had thought it would. Along the way, there had been chatter of some new Borg activity. There had also been talk of his transport ship returning to Earth but he had argued with the Captain and had convinced them to continue on. 

Now, here he was, sitting on his bunk and listening to the red alert klaxon blaring away. The Columbia had apparently seen something on their sensors and had taken off to investigate. 

Ashton had still been in the Academy during Frontier Day so this would mark his first real interaction with anything Borg. If he said he wasn’t nervous, he’d be lying. But he was a Starfleet Officer now and this was what he had signed up for. To explore the unknown. Hopefully, he would get that opportunity here.