Part of USS North Carolina: Careful What You Wish For

Moving On Up

Starbase 10
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The turbolift doors parted and the senior staff walked onto the bridge of the USS North Carolina for the first time.

Hammond released a low whistle. “Very nice.” he said. 

“Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed our time aboard the Sausalito but this is really nice.” added Evens.

Captain Krolo stood to the side and smiled as his crew took in their new home. He felt the same way when he was first brought aboard and told that they would be getting a new ship. He felt like the proud parent and his crew were his children that had worked hard and earned all of this. He watched as they walked around and took in all the stations. 

Yeon-Jen turned away from the Helm and grinned. “I get to sit up front alone?” she asked.

“It’s all yours.” answered the CO.

The commanding officer made his way to the front and stood before his crew.

“Our run in with the Borg played a big part in us getting this new ship. Command wanted to make sure we could take care of ourselves if we needed to.” he informed the crew. “I believe with this new ship will come many opportunities for us. And many challenges as well. I want all of you to enjoy the next couple of days on the base for some much deserved R & R. We launch in three days.”

They all nodded and chatted for a few more moments before reentering the lift and heading out. They were all gung ho and ready for their next adventure.