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It’s Merry, Not Mary

Tralar twins quarters
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Xifel found himself humming as he made his way down the corridor. They had a new ship, new quarters and now they were getting new crew members. He was pretty excited. The doors to the quarters that he shared with his twin brother parted as he approached and he entered to find Xifer sitting at the console.

“So? Did you find out anything about them?” Xifel asked.

“About who?” inquired Xifer as he looked up from his screen.

Xifel released an exaggerated sigh. “The two new crew members. Are they a couple? Are they siblings? It would be cool to have another set of siblings on board.” he said.

“Ohhh.” Xifer replied as he began to laugh. “You were way off on that one little brother.” he teased, knowing that there was only two minutes between their births and that Xifel hated being called “little brother”.

“Turns out it’s not Mary and Chris Mass. It’s Merry Christmas. It’s a greeting for an old Earth holiday.” Xifer informed him.

Xifel’s eyes widened.

“Another holiday? How many damn holidays to humans need?” he retorted. “It seems they have one every….., what do they call them?……Month. That’s it. Every month.”

Xifer sat down in the open chair and huffed. “I really thought we were getting new people.”

“Well. We may not get new people but according to their traditions, we could get a new gift.” Xifer told him.

“Whatever.” said Xifel as he stood and left their quarters once again. His mood only soured more as he heard Xifer’s laugh as the doors closed.