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Briefing Room
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Alen stood once everyone had arrived and took their seats.

“Afternoon all. Thank you for joining me. I spent this morning with the brass here on the base and after some back and forth, I was granted permission to make some important changes before we launch in a few days.” he informed everyone.

The First Officer looked at the Captain. 

“What sort of changes, Sir?” she inquired.

He placed his hand into his pocket and brought it out still balled up into a fist.

“Some that I feel are well over due.” he said as he opened his hand and allowed several rank pips to slide onto the table.

The others began looking around and wondering who was getting the new, shiny, little pieces of gold.

“First.” the Commanding Officer began, “I’d like to start with my First Officer.” He retrieved a pip and walked over to her.

Lorilen stood as he approached. “Really?” she asked with legit surprise in her voice. 

“Without a doubt. This is way past due in my opinion.” Alen said as he placed the new rank onto her collar. “Congratulations.” he added with a handshake.

As he turned and headed back to the end of the table, the XO tossed a glance over at the Chief Medical Officer. He understood it immediately. It said, “I outrank you now.”

“Next up.” began Alen as he reached his seat and picked up another pip. “I’d like to congratulate our esteemed doctor. Lieutenant Commander Declan O’Conner.”

It was now the CMO’s turn to toss a childish look of his own over the briefing table before he stood as the Captain came around.

Once again, Alen placed the pip where it belonged. “Congratulations, Doctor. Next step will be to get you into some command training.” Alen teased.

“Thank you, Sir. But I’m perfectly happy in teal and in Sickbay.” replied Declan.

“We’ll see.” Alen said with a wink.

The Captain returned to his end of the table. 

“With those done, I’d like to have the rest of you step up here. And if you wouldn’t mind assisting Commander Tod?”

The three remaining officers and the XO rose and joined their commanding officer who had gathered up the last three pips from the table.

“Lieutenants Junior grade Yeon-Joo, Hammonds and T’Shan. Each of you have shown much promise and have excelled at your positions. It is with great honor that each of you be promoted to the rank of full lieutenant. Congratulations to all three of you.”

Alen and Lorilen placed the pips on the young officers collars. They all smiled and shook hands with congrats all around.

As Captain Krolo dismissed the meeting and everyone began leaving, Declan approached Lorilen. 

“Congratulations Commander.” he said.

“You too, Commander.” she said in return.

“Lorilen. Listen. Do you think we could have dinner? I’d really like to talk.” he asked.

The newly minted Commander allowed herself just the smallest of a smile. Her and Declan had a passed and it wasn’t an awful one.

“Sure. We’ll wee you at seven.” she answered