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13x Duty Ribbon
7x Service Ribbon
10x Dedication Ribbon
1x Legacy Ribbon
1x Star for Distinguished Service
2x Starfleet Gold Star
1x Starfleet Silver Star
2x Starfleet Bronze Star
1x Action Medal with Star Cluster
1x Starfleet Medal of Commendation


Raptor’s Wing Challenge Coin

Recent Announcements

  • Bravo Fleet Academy

    After countless hours of development, the Bravo Fleet Academy is excited to move forward with our first course BF 101 - Introduction to Bravo Fleet! The Bravo Fleet Academy [...]

  • Task Force 64 – Operational Report – July 2019

    TASK FORCE 64 – OPERATIONAL REPORT – JULY 2019 Starbase 2  Admiral Veronica Ferreira saw an incoming message. It looked like it was from the USS Republic - the [...]

  • Welcome to the Challenger and Endeavour

    Today is a great day for our group! Today, we welcome MJ to our ranks as the CO of the Challenger NX-03 and Endeavour NX-06! MJ, a former BFCO, will lead these [...]

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