USS Altai (NCC-79009)

This is the edge of Federation space, where creature comforts are hard to come by. We're here to keep an eye on the Breen and whatever else may come across the border.

A cramped ship. A barren outpost. No support.

If you like the sound of that, you'd be just like us.


Steamrunner-class • NCC-79009 • Task Force 17

On the far fringes of Federation space a desolate, barren group of sectors continues its distant and unending orbit of the galactic core. Devoid of all but floating rock, gaseous clouds and rogue planetoids, it remains a region traversed by only the foolish, curious, or those with something to hide. Dormant for years since the Dominion war, a listening post floats listlessly deep within asteroid field 1-SZ. Its empty corridors are as cold and lifeless as the frozen, unforgiving vacuum it inhabits. Abandoned but not forgotten, its automated long range sensors sweep an area not far from the Breen border, keeping a vigilant eye on the activities of the reclusive Confederacy. 

For decades, relay stations that snaked across the Alpha Quadrant transmitted nothing out of the ordinary. Quasar radio blasts, ion storms blowing through, neutron stars blasting radiation like lighthouse beams across murky seas of nothing all failed to even register as pertinent; too routine even for Starfleet’s exploratory mandate. That was until stardate 76228.7, 0600 hours, galactic central time. A single warp signature triggered an alert warning within Starbase 232’s Strategic Operations Centre. Then there was another, then another. 

Exactly what the Breen’s motivations are for encroaching upon this seemingly irrelevant pocket of space remain unclear. Beyond Izar, and even Dared, there lies only the Klavdia system; the non-humanoid inhabited site of a research institute not visited by the Federation in decades. The USS Altai has been dispatched for long range reconnaissance patrol and reactivation of Outpost 1-SZ. Whatever the Breen are up to, it’s up to Commander Torden Streth and the crew of the Altai to find out.       

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ID: 2187
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ID: 2223
Chief Engineering Officer
ID: 2223
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 2231
Hazard Team Leader
ID: 2231
Hazard Team Demolitions Expert
ID: 2284
Science Officer
ID: 2231
Captain's Yeoman
ID: 2208
Counselor on Special Assignment
ID: 2172
Chief Operations Officer
ID: 367
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
ID: 760
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Chief Flight Control Officer
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Chief Security/Tactical Officer
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Chief Science Officer
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12 May 2022

Ex Astris Alton

USS Altai: Spectres in the Dust

The turbolift doors barely had time to hiss open before Streth exited at a brisk pace. The master systems display to the rear of the bridge had been replaced with a situation map, fed by their initial scans of the Breen ship and supplemented with incoming data from the USS Oklahoma‘s [...]

6 May 2022

Smash and Grab

USS Altai: Spectres in the Dust

Streth stood together with Jones at the rear of the bridge. On the large wall display there shone a schematic of the dreadnought that currently loomed over the Altai like a giant, hulking leviathan.  “Maec’s done a damn good job calibrating the sensors to cut through some of the magnetic [...]

12 April 2022

Dead Ship

USS Altai: Spectres in the Dust

It was a jagged spectre, irregular spikes protruding at every angle. The greenish grey hull formed a sort of horseshoe shape, its two forward arms reaching forward as if clawing at the space ahead. Streth rose from the command chair. On the Altai’s main viewer, he could barely make out the [...]

5 April 2022

Mess With the Best

USS Altai: Here Be Monsters

The corridors and hallways already appeared sparse to Streth. The faces he passed as he walked along them had grown familiar since taking command of the Altai. Routines were setting in, the same people in the same places at the same times. A few transfers from the now departed Don S. Davis were [...]