Archanis Station(SB-27)


Canopus-class • SB-27 • Fourth Fleet

Starbase 27, codenamed Archanis Station, is a Canopus-class space station that serves as the primary base of operations for Starfleet activities within the Archanis Sector and adjacent territories. Located over Gorion VII in the Meronia Cluster, Archanis Station represents Starfleet’s renewed investment in the area, offering support, stability and security to a borderlands region that has received little attention from the Federation in recent decades.

The establishment of Archanis Station came in direct response to an armed conflict with the Hunters of D’Ghor in 2399, and a fungal blight that crippled the region’s food supply concurrently. At the time, Starfleet maintained only a skeletal presence in the region with a single aging space station and a handful of last-generation vessels under the command of Task Group 27. While the Fourth Fleet launched the Archanis Campaign to provide immediate humanitarian relief and repulse the Hunters of D’Ghor, it became clear that long-term effort would be necessary to address decades of neglect and rebuild local faith in the Federation. This led to the decision to replace the aging starbase with a new Canopus-class station that was more strategically positioned within the sector and would serve as the headquarters for a new wave of diplomatic, security and engineering initiatives across the region.

Starbase 27 came online in June 2401. Rear Admiral Alex Grayson, a long-time borderlands commander with significant experience along the frontier, was appointed as regional commander for Archanis Sector Operations. In order to support infrastructure rehabilitation efforts, a detachment from the Corps of Engineers was attached to Starbase 27 under the command of Commodore Amit Agarwal, and a diplomatic mission was established on the station under the leadership of Ambassador Michael Drake. In order to reinforce Starfleet’s security posture within the sector, Polaris Squadron, under the command of Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes, is also based out of Starbase 27. While Polaris Squadron’s ships routinely go beyond the sector in order to satisfy its research mandate, the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity maintains a permanent presence on Starbase 27, and Polaris Squadron’s presence reinforces the existing security assets of the region.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commander, Sector Operations
ID: 1
Station Commander
ID: 1
Detachment Commander, Archanis Sector
Fourth Fleet Corps of Engineers
ID: 1
Charge d'affaires, Archanis Diplomatic Mission
Federation Diplomatic Corps
ID: 1
Commander, Polaris Squadron
Director, Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity
ID: 1