Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Even with the end of the Century Storm, life does not quite return to normal on Starbase Bravo as the crew deals with the aftermath of the catastrophe, and the influx of fresh blood from Starfleet Academy

Mission Description

  • The Stormbreaker Campaign has ended, and Starbase Bravo has stood down from its emergency condition to help in the Paulson Nebula. There is still a small collection of refugees from Coronal aboard and the occasional mission to the nebula investigating the after-effects, but life on the station is generally returning to normal.
  • Most of the new officers have had a chance to settle aboard Bravo these past months, and might be looking for new opportunities. This is a good time to arrange to move up a Tier if you’re eligible, either adapting your current character’s position or creating new ones! It’s okay to slowly expand the roster and write characters in new departments.
  • Most importantly, SB Bravo is now home to a greater community of third and fourth-year cadets getting hands-on experience working on the starbase, and further training. Most notable of these are Cadet Squadron Bravo, the elite training unit whose opportunities are greatly expanded by this change. Cadets can work and train on Bravo, but return to the Mellstoxx campus for classes, or take them remotely.

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4 June 2022

Finding his purpose...

Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Shuttlecraft – 1000 Reade sat next to the pilot and admired the complexity of actually flying one of these things, if it wasn’t compensating for interference it was also keeping an eye out not to slam into anything from any one direction. The pilot contacted the Starbase for clearance to dock. [...]

3 June 2022

Nowhere But Here

Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Rey stepped off the turbolift with Heriah. Her body tightened. Ford hated the endless swarm of people moving through the corridors. They made her feel claustrophobic and the close proximity meant anyone could attack at any time. Thankfully, the bar was just off a far less busy section, nestled [...]

31 May 2022

An introduction to the yards

Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Cynndle stepped off the turbolift into Deck 150 in Sector Delta-Yellow. Looking around he pulled out his PADD and double-checked where he needed to go. After a short 3-hour induction he was starting his first complete shift in the dockyards, part of his cross-training as ‘recommended’ by Ensign [...]

31 May 2022

Romulans Over Coffee

Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

An iced cinnamon bun and a latte are placed before Lihran at the Brew. The Romulan looked a little perplexed on how to attack the sticky dessert and maintain a dignified composure. He took a look around for Cynndle before attacking the bun with a fork and knife. He agreed to meet the Lieutenant for [...]