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USS Century: 1. Videre Invisibilium

The USS Century returns to her patrol route along the Romulan border.

Mission Description

The USS Century returns to her patrol route along the Romulan border and must root out the cause of the mysterious disappearance of several cargo transports from a shipping lane along the border. With very little information and few leads to go on, will the USS Century’s crew be able to discover who stole the cargo and for what purpose before the culprits strike again?

About the Mission

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1 January 2024

Final Destination

USS Century: 1. Videre Invisibilium

Two days travel had elapsed since the USS Century had wrapped up their investigation into several stolen cargo vessels. Most of the crew, with the sole exception of the security department, had returned to their usual duties and were mostly settled back into their routine. The added population of [...]

29 December 2023

Warm Meal, Hot Gossip

USS Century: 1. Videre Invisibilium

Captain Gar’rath looked at each member of the senior staff that had been asked to join him in the Century’s Observation Lounge. Each of them, along with the members of their respective departments, had performed exceptionally over the past few days and their efforts had brought about a swift [...]

28 December 2023

Puzzle Pieces, Loose Strings...

USS Century: 1. Videre Invisibilium

“… After the investigation of the vessel is complete, the outpost will tow it to their dry dock facility and store it there in the event it is needed in any follow-up investigations. The crew has been taken aboard the Century to await transport to the nearest holding facility once we have [...]

27 December 2023

Caught Blue Handed...

USS Century: 1. Videre Invisibilium

“What is the meaning of this, Captain?!” a very agitated Bolian by the name of Vol bellowed the moment his face appeared on screen. The Captain in question leaned over to his right side, perching his elongated maw onto his balled up fist in a rather strange recreation of the Thinker statue, [...]